Logue Studio n02 TV Stand


A combination of wood and aluminum for a compact entertainment stand, you can customize it for your needs. The good part is that it has cable management intergrated and you can get it with one bay and up to four bay system. They are hand crafted in the US and starting at $1099, and I think it would look good in the right setting. They also come with the optional screen mount so that all the pieces look simple and mounted together.



Link: UnCrate

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  1. Very.Q8ya: Most probably no!

    N: yup, its nice for sure!

  2. thats looks like a 70’s retro piece of furniture

  3. hmm.. but we can do it in any “najjjaaar” ahahahahahaha ;F

  4. Laialy: Thats the feeling I get from it too!

    Very.Q8ya: looool!

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