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I went to Marina Mall yesterday to check out something at The One, and I was walking I decided to take a look at the Mac and More store to see what they might have. I was surprised they already had the iPod Touch, and they had a nice selection of other items. Whats good is that they have a large selection of accessories for the Apple Products and thats the best part of them.



iPod Touch 16 GB: 145 KD
iPod Touch 8 GB: 115 KD
iPod Nano 8 GB: 75KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The touch is a state of the art product. Apple knows what innovation means and it just does it right ..

    You know, the worst part about those multimedia Apple products was that they’re closed, and now that Apple just announced their intention to release a SDK for touch and iphone it’s all changing ..

    Apple is really changing things and all rivals have to worry now ..

  2. And pretty soon Click N Buy are going to remove their 160KD price for the 16GB Touch. Actually it’s off their site until they readdress the pricing. That’s how it always is.

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  4. Ahmed: They have always had their rivals worried, but depends which market! Hopefully the SDK won’t force DRMs onto software for signature releases. That is something to be worried about, the problem is that they are trying to lock it as much as possible!

    Jacqui: It will all be dropping soon.

    Ra7aLaH: Its cool!

    Anything Goes: So their prices aren’t too bad!

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