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Virgin – Closing Out


The other day I passed Marina Mall because I wanted to pass through The One, and as I was going through I thought I would see whats going on with Virgin. To describe Virgin in word it would “Depressing”, I couldn’t believe the state it has reached. I don’t blame the Virgin management for the state of Virgin, I blame the Ministry of Information for killing a business. They want people to buy copyrighted items, but they won’t let the places with the copyrighted material to sell. The MOI really has the has the best business model I have seen yet, they managed to kill a good business. No other media business will open again in Kuwait like Virgin did, Virgin in all the other countries is thriving because of the diverse products they have, and it is enjoyable to go there to browse.

If ever you got the feeling of Depression from a place then it would be from the Virgin Store in Kuwait, which will cease to exist in due time. The walls are all white, they moved the items together in a way to fill the place up, but it doesn’t really help. Now thats one business shutdown, and other clothing stores opened in its place. We won’t be seeing any major media store opening in Kuwait anytime soon, be it books, music, or movies.