Virgin – Closing Out


The other day I passed Marina Mall because I wanted to pass through The One, and as I was going through I thought I would see whats going on with Virgin. To describe Virgin in word it would “Depressing”, I couldn’t believe the state it has reached. I don’t blame the Virgin management for the state of Virgin, I blame the Ministry of Information for killing a business. They want people to buy copyrighted items, but they won’t let the places with the copyrighted material to sell. The MOI really has the has the best business model I have seen yet, they managed to kill a good business. No other media business will open again in Kuwait like Virgin did, Virgin in all the other countries is thriving because of the diverse products they have, and it is enjoyable to go there to browse.

If ever you got the feeling of Depression from a place then it would be from the Virgin Store in Kuwait, which will cease to exist in due time. The walls are all white, they moved the items together in a way to fill the place up, but it doesn’t really help. Now thats one business shutdown, and other clothing stores opened in its place. We won’t be seeing any major media store opening in Kuwait anytime soon, be it books, music, or movies.

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  1. The problem is not only with the MOI, because Virgin has already closed 2 stores, business analysts and casual observers lay the blame on online download sites and music piracy.

  2. This will only push the public to go through other locales to get uncensored movies (Piracy / Internet).

  3. Virgin closure….one more reason to give your custom to businesses in in in the Emirates.
    I always knew from the start, the name ‘Virgin’ was too intellectually challenging for the local nattering nawabs of negativism.
    Good Bye Virgin

  4. eeeeeeh *sigh* denya walla.. !! 3afiya.. Allah kareem!!!

  5. Ee 9ij it was depressing when I went during ramadhan… it’s so much smaller too! I didn’t know they were shutting down though :( Honestly, I guess I can see that from a business viewpoint they aren’t profitable because of the MOI but they had a decent selection of english books that aren’t readily available everywhere else in kuwait… so sad!!


    Virgin sucks. I bought the CD/DVD combo of “The Emancipation Of Mimi” from IVC at 6.750 KD months before it was available at Virgin and it was priced at 8.750!!

    So in my opinon, the IMO did us a favor by (almost) closing down Virgin.



  8. Maybe it’ll reopen as “Slut” like the Gameworks/GameWizzz situation.

    I just hope something other than a clothes/cafe store would open instead. Perhaps another GameWizzz to make the place more family friendly. I never really cared for Virgin, it was annoying. I liked the cars though..but they’re gone so bleh.

  9. If it’s expensive, people are going to buy elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.

  10. Ayshay

    They were always too expensive anyways..

  11. moocherx

    Alghanim should rent it out and screw all those crappy smaller electronics outlets in Salmiya.

  12. Ra7aLaH: It is understandable why its happening in certain places, most Brick and Mortar places are taking a hit. In Kuwait its different, most arabic music is not available online so a lot of people buy the Arabic CDs.

    K: Exactly!

    Laialy: further explanation please! lol

    what’s in a name: Well that is one of the main reasons for the shutdown!

    N: lets see what comes next!

    Zia: yup, very sad. It feels like they are just clearing out!

    MEANBOY: I don’t think thats is right, Virgin made a lot of places bring their prices down especially for video games. They had more expensive products but everyone knew that, they had a great selection of magazines and increasing their book selection which was great. A lot of items were over priced but you didn’t have to buy so it worked out.

    Biohazard: lol! I don’t think anything but a clothing or food place will open in its location. Its going to be tough for any other type of place to open.

    Very.Q8ya: 7ukoomatna 3ajeeba.

    3baid: They were doing fine before MOI went and shut it down!

    Ayshay: They were expensive but at least you had a choice!

    moocherx: I don’t know if they would want to open in that location since its so damn expensive to rent there, they are probably better off buying the land close by. They would force prices changes if they did that for sure.

  13. Yeah.. it is depressing. I was there yesterday and it was sad!

  14. Ansam: Very sad, I wonder what will be in its place!

  15. like you said… more clothing store.. so people can shop for clothes to wear to go shop in. Do I make sense? :-P

  16. Fhaid

    utterly depressing place, had they released CDs and DVDs soon as they were released in America or Britain, I’d look over their high price, but problem is, they always bring those late when you’ve already downloaded/bought that stuff from other stores.

    thank god for torrents and amazon.

  17. Ansam: For some reason that made sense!

    Fhaid: Exactly, I think torrents and amazon are keeping us sane, if it wasn’t the case then we would go nuts!

  18. only because i don’t have to buy the over priced items is not justification enough for their price tags!! and i strongly disagree with virgin being an example of copy-righted items, or a model for legality.. how else do you explain the selling of play station 3 system months before the official launch in Kuwait and the middle east??

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