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I wanted to pass by the one because I was looking for some office accessories, like a card holder, pen holder, that sort of items. I wasn’t sure where to go and I asked a friend and he told me to pass by The One. Since I had sometime on my hands decided to stop by and check out what they had. After a thorough walk through I realized they don’t have any accessories for an office desk, all they have is for homes. What I do like is the picture frames they sell, but my taste of frames wouldn’t fit with the current furniture I live with. I thought because they sell desks they might sell accessories, but it seems I was out of luck. I just wanted good quality office items, better then the flimsy generic items they sell for office desks at most stores.


As I was walking through I was snapping away, a few things I liked just walking around but they weren’t too comfortable. Some items seemed worth it, but I’m not the type of person to like leather, it just doesn’t work for Kuwait.








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  1. I love the one and Bo Concept.
    As for office equipment I would recommend you check out the following:
    Galleria 2000 stores. I think the store in the basement has some. I dont really remember just walk around the mall.

    Another place is ID Design.

    I hope you find what you are looking for :-)

  2. i hate my office.. and i dont wanna have the feathry glittery stff like most grls have :( ilf u finde a place plz let us know.. ill b the happiest person ;p

  3. Ansam: I will check that out, thanks! Where is ID Design? Also Galleria 2000?

    The Don: yup, but I get away with it! loool!

  4. Ms. D: As soon as I find something I will post it up!

  5. haha … I am ganna be remodeling my room once i get home ^_^

  6. The one shako bil office accessories =/ chan re7t Jareer

  7. I like furniture stores, esp ikea & the one, make me feel warm.

  8. ID design is between 4th ring road and 5th… its near the avenues. The easiest way is to go 5th ring rd and turn right as if ur going to shuwaikh… there is home center or center point next to it (i always mix up with that name).. its in the same area
    did that help?

  9. Midas is starting to having “The One” furniture but decently priced thats where I got my bedroom from. But I liked some of the stuff you posted. The image before the last one was my favorite couch :P

  10. Laialy: Everyone does wen they get home! lol

    Outkasty: I didn’t know where to go so I decided to pass by there!

    Sushi: Yeah, there are a lot in London such as Habitat and a few other on Totenham Court Road!

    Ansam: I know exactly where it is, its called Centrepoint but its owned by Home Center! lol! Thanks, I will check it out!

    Jacqui: The image just before the last is the style of couch I like, but not in leather! Midas don’t sell by piece which is annoying!

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