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Review: Greek


This is one of the ABC shows that came out in the summer, it was more of a mini-series then anything else. You have two different people, cassie the popular girl in the college Greek system and Rusty who is a freshmen in college and he wants to enter the Greek system. Rusty is smart and enrolled the honors engineering courses, but with all his brain nothing will prepare him for the Greek life. This show looks a the Greek system through the eyes of the people living through it, you get the good and the bad like anything else in life but you really connect with the people in the show. You have some really funny people, but sometimes it gets a bit slow. There are some fun characters in the show which keeps it entertaining, and Rusty is pretty good for a nerd. For a 10 episode mini-series I think it did a good job, and the ending is good but they left a few ends if they are going to bring it back.