Pizza Express – Cat Fight or something


I don’t even know how to describe this sort of situation. After a long day of milchas and running around with other tasks during the day I went to Dahiat Abdulla Al Salem Pizza Express the other day with two my friends since we wanted something quick to eat before heading home. When we sat outside there was a table of guys about 8 in total, and another table about 5 girls sitting together in the other corner. Everyone just seemed normal, and I think I knew two of the guys at the other table but I completely forgot their names. We were all sitting outside since the weather was pretty nice, everyone was pretty much minding there own business.

We placed our orders, and then we got our drinks 5 minutes later. Then something caught a few people’s eyes since a lot of people were turning their heads. I turned to look what was so in that direction, then I see a girl wearing body tight clothing from top to bottom in and low cut jeans, and extremely blond hair even beyond platinum. She was Kuwaiti from what we could tell but nobody had a clue. She had a decent body but wearing that sort of thing in Kuwait just attracts the wrong type of attention. Nobody said anything so we kept talking as we were, then she left and came back 10 minutes later with someone (family, friend, or other) who was also wearing body tight clothing and jeans, also huge blond hair. The main difference is that this girl/woman could easily be four times the other girl’s weight. You could see the look of shock on people’s faces, and again they all went back to what they were doing until she said something. Something looked off about her, and it showed later.

She was standing at the door of Pizza Express and her thinner friend walked inside, while she was standing at the door she shouted to her friend that this place isn’t happening and the food doesn’t fit her style. She said it out loud and in a very weird tone close to the table of 8 guys and our table, when she said it we laughed a bit. It was then that her friend pulled her into the Pizza Express and she started shouting nobody had a clue what was going on. She came outside and threw a glass at the table full of guys and it shatter close to one of them. He was lucky it didn’t hit him, everyone was in shock and she started cussing the guys out and then she turned to our table and started cussing us out as well. Then she started cussing out the table of girls as well, this woman went ballistic and her friend was holding her from one arm, if she wanted should could have easily flung her friend. At the other table the guys didn’t do anything and then the manager came out and tried to calm her down but still nothing was stopping her. Then an older women who could easily be her mother looked her in shock as she was walking into Pizza Express, then the girl turns around to the women and calls her a whore and daughter of a whore in more words then one, she was completely shocked.

At this point three police officers walked up to the two girls, but they didn’t do anything to them except calm them down a bit. They talked to them for over 25 minutes before they disappeared somewhere. Some people laughed at the whole thing, it was just nuts. I know I laughed, I couldn’t believe what I just saw and the guys were laughing too. The older woman asked the guys why they didn’t do anything, she saw everything this girl did, the guys said what can they do, they are girls, and they would never lower themselves to that level. What they did was right, and I thought that was the best possible reaction. The thing is when a women is that dirty, and she is prone to violence in Kuwait she is 10 times worse then any man who would even come close to that level. At least with a man you could take some action, what would you do with a woman like that.

*Note: This is the first time in four months I have gone out to eat dinner in Kuwait, no wonder I don’t go out for dinner in Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Wow, that’s just insane. I think I saw the bigger girl last weekend at JR, she has extremely bleach blond big hair and was with a friend who seemed to be also in that same “tight clothes” category.

    This is ridiculous. And you’re right, what are the guys supposed to do? If the glass she threw actually hit him, would it be OK for him to just get up and smack her! Some things are just.. too weird.

  2. Halicy

    Did you see that!! i was in my car waiting for a friend when it happened!
    i was shocked too.. I don’t blame the Bi***es for what they did, if no one can stop girls like that in Kuwait not even the low than what can we do!
    In Kuwait.. The girl is ALLWAYS right.

  3. “The thing is when a women is that dirty, and she is prone to violence in Kuwait she is 10 times worse then any man who would even come close to that level. At least with a man you could take some action, what would you do with a woman like that.”

    Are you aware of how chauvanistic that sounds? I don’t see how you could say she’s’ 10 times worse than a man who could come close to her level. Just because it’s a guy and you can take out your anger on him with fists and a woman you can’t doesn’t mean he’s any better than the girl. They would be both equal in their stupidity.

  4. I guess this is a scene I got acustomed to while I was living in the US, mainly between women n the hispanic community. This is attributed to low class standards, insecurity and a desperate need for attention. Your reaction to the situation is spot on, you should not interfere with such shallow behavior as you will degrade yourself.

  5. This is the second time you went out in the past 4 months .. don’t forget the colorful characters of Souq Sharq.

  6. I ate at that place years ago, maybe twice – but too much concentrated pretentiousness in one place for me.

  7. Pepper spray man. Pepper spray. It’d shut any loudmouth for quite a long while. They sell it at True Value.

    With respect to my best friend who lives there, I agree with Stinni, fake people, fake hairdos and fake body jobs (especially boob jobs) in one place is too much for me.

  8. cat fight = two girls fighting with each other

  9. SWOS

    3adi, lots of trashy people everywhere..all the time..once a similar thing happened in TGI Fridays like 4 or 5 years ago.. it was fun..everyone had a laugh :P

  10. My Co-Worker was there to reserve the place for her son’s birthday and saw all that!!! she came to work and told us about it and told us she cant even say what the girl said.. The manager told her that this isnt the first time those girls in Pizza Express etha7ya. She also said that the police men should have done something about those girls and the way they were dressed. She actually heard the thin girl crying out loud and threatening the guys to call the police! I am shocked! ge6ee3a ma7eb hal ashkal!

  11. Their dining experience and overall service sucks. One time I’ve had my order brought still frozen, imagine!!! Weird thing is that on my nephew’s b-day even with all the kids going wild they managed to do such a great job. Other branches are way better than them.

  12. what an eventful night … at least there was some action hehehe

  13. SoS

    Probably a spoiled brat and a crack head,good for you all it wasn’t a guy or it would have been worse.

  14. Cussing random strangers? Definitely mental. :/

  15. LOL


    u should go out more, ull have more funny stories to tell

    people totally amuse me

  16. Oh my god! that’s freaky! il7imdillah wil shikir! once my friend and I were out ew there were two girls similar to the ones you described passing by us. And my friend tends to stare at times, so i guess she was looking at one of them.. and she yelled out “SHFEEHA UMMICH?!?!”… she was definitely trying to start a fight… not cool.. a7na 7igarna 6ab3an bas my friend ikhtar3at LOL 3adi i wonder wain ahal hal banat? allah la iywareena ew iyhadahum inshallah.

  17. Damon Dash

    that was strange and funny

  18. Carlsb3rg

    I think since women are equal to men and all, some fists should have flown.

  19. Corolla Man (AE86)

    حقوق المرأة حقوق المرأة ذابحين بهل شغلة هل أيام, إذا تبون حقوق المرأة ليش كل ما يصير شي للمرأة ما يحاكومنهم مثل الرجل, مثل هل حدث المحترم يخلية بحالة و المو محنرم يطول لسانة و طيح من قيمتة
    والحريم إذا طولت لسانة “اطول لسانة عدل” وتصير أسؤ من الريل. ويمكن وقتة يمكنكن

  20. propranolol

    i really wanted to read this story. attempted to but got a headache from your writing skills.
    rewrite it properly please. thank you

  21. N: I don’t know if its the same people! But what are guys supposed to do in that situation!

    Halicy: What can be done, even the police wouldn’t do anything to them!

    Sushi: if you saw what I saw and the way it went, even the police couldn’t touch them. Its not a matter of anger or punching, at least the police would have detained him but with a women they can’t even detain her and I have spoken to other police officers about it. Its just that when a woman goes ballastic she can’t be stopped because of the limitations put on men, but if a man performed those actions he would have be jailed and charged. Thats all I’m saying really!

    Hellraiser: There is nothing you can do really, we were all just in shock in that situation!

    K: looool! That was a movie! not food! Which was also a mistake! lol

    Stinni: We were just hungry and didn’t want to go far!

    R: I honestly will pick up some pepper spray, and it hurts like a bitch! I didn’t know they sell it in Kuwait! I have never seen a boob job in Kuwait, maybe I’m not looking. I really am not looking so I wouldn’t know when I think about it! I didn’t think they reached that point in Kuwait really!

    Mark: Its was something, didn’t know what to name it really!

    SWOS: We were laughing before and after for sure!

    Ansam: The police were there! The guys didn’t do anything, they didn’t even move! Literally! I hope your friend wasn’t on the their recieving end of her barrage, because there was one woman that received a bit!

    pearls: There are better branches for sure, but it was a close stop since we were close to the area!

    Ms. D: I have no clue!

    Laialy: for sure!

    SoS: Crack head more like it! If it was a guy he could have been put down at least! And jailed really! There more then enough guys to help out really!

    Jacqui: to say the least!

    DR: I don’t even know!

    3baid: Crack head!

    eshda3wa: Jerry Springer! I don’t think I’m gonig to go out that much!

    Zia: alah yahdeehum inshalla, because its really sad the state they are in. I won’t lie it was pretty funny but their problem should be addressed!

    Damon Dash: for sure!

    Carlsb3rg: looool!

    Corolla Man: That is the thing, there are multiple lines which can and can’t be crossed and in this aspect there is nothing that can be done to them. When was the last time you heard a police officer taking the license of a girl. I’m just saying apply the rules right across the board, and when a women goes ballastic nobody can really do anything.

    propranolol: I recommend one vicoden and reading one paragraph every 20 mins. that will help!

  22. Corolla,

    شمدخل حقوق المرأة بالموضوع؟ إهيا غلطانة و مفروض تحاسب مثل الريال.
    أنا اللي إعترضت عليه حجوت إنا

    “she is 10 times worse than any man who would even come close to that level.”

    I’m against that specific sentence, and since you’re insisting on opening the cans of worms I might add that just like you’re complaining about why they’re not legally persecuted as men so do women have hundreds of other issues on their minds on how they’re mistreated in other aspects of their lives & lets not go there. Honestly I’m not mostly fond of Kuwaiti women’s behavior but I’m just being critically fair here. I can see now how it’s hard dealing with a woman like that, I would probably have had the urge to slap her.

    Propranolol, not that I’m defending Marzouq since he’s a big boy but I can’t help myself- punctuation wise, your paragraph is filled with fragments, misplaced periods and missing capitalization. Do englighten us, how is your writing skills any better?

  23. Don’t let that stop you from going out more often and having dinner, think of it as a live show, some action, and hey it’s totally unexpectable!!!

  24. Sushi: I can understand where your coming from but I have seen cases where police can’t do anything because its a woman. I didn’t mean for it to come off as bad but after what I saw I was just in sock! And I think I caused that guy a migrane! looool!

    Someday: It won’t but I just don’t like going out in Kuwait after dark… things come out in the night! looool!

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