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I have had my Landcruiser for over eight years now, and I still do enjoy driving that machine. Everything in that machine is bone stock from the day one except for the tint, thats pretty much the first thing I do to any car due to weather abnormalities in Kuwait. Now that I have ordered my sound system for the car I’m getting caught up with the idea of the new sound system and how it will sound, and what I will have to do to make sure it sounds perfect. Will I have to adjust the amplifier and will I need to do with it? Will the install go perfectly without any hitches? What could go wrong and what I can do to make it doesn’t happen?


All these questions pop in my head because this is the first time I have done a modification of this sort in Kuwait. Since I do have some knowledge about sound systems and with the help of some friends I would take the plunge and try it out. The problem in Kuwait is that these installers are usually only asked for very low quality, so high equality work is probably not available. I’m taking a chance with these guys, but I’m putting in some precautions and I will be over their heads for the three hours of the install.

Aside from that my package has arrive in my mail box from Monday so I am getting anxious waiting for the package to be shipped to Kuwait. I wouldn’t mind paying extra to have them all here in a day or two. The wait is annoying me, but everything will be here in due time. For now it seems I will be a bit preoccupied with work.