Halo 3 and more!


I can’t stop saying and I won’t stop saying it! They have literally made the game that moves machines. Every person I know who has tried this game has gone out and bought it after only a few games online. The game play is fantastic and you don’t want to stop playing because its so much.


So the other day it was about 4 of us arab guys playing online, and some of us were talking Kuwait on a 16 person team and most were Americans. The moment they heard us, everything started from there! Probably the some of the funniest sessions ever played, so many of them were shouting “Durka Durka” “Lu lu lu lu lu”, and at one point a Saudi Guy started playing with us who was just making us die of laughter while playing. Some people take the game to seriously, but most enjoy playing the game.

In multiplayer we aim to gain as many medals as possible and gain rank as fast as possible. Well that is some of our goals, some of the guys just play to have a good time. I play to annihilate the people in front of me, and I do like when I find the adversary online who is a challenge to kill. The best part is working together to achieve a task, not just to kill as many as possible.

This game has converted PS3 Owners to XBox 360 owners!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    هذي الهبه اليديدة بالدوانيات تلعب 360 ديش الدوانية ما تقدر إتسولف يا إزعاج من الصراخ أو ما يبون أحد يتكلمز وين أيام الكوت و الهند و الدامة و البليرد

  2. Halicy

    I was waiting for a year to get Halo3 and the game is worth waiting for. i didn’t go online yet but i heard its amazing.
    Z: are you using the cable or WiFi?? Am welling to get the WiFi thingy but i heard that its not that good. any advice?

  3. monichum

    Marzooq today at 5 online . confirm

  4. What is the minimum internet speed required for the game to work properly? will 256k allow me to play?? and what is the max lag allowed on servers?

  5. Yal maree’6! Shino hal score (mashalla :P)! Y’all are sick, sick people :P

    As for the Saudis? They are freakin hilarious! Ya7laylhum the other day, they were singing “You all, everybody” from LOST. I know it doesn’t sound like “whoah” but when you’re playing, it seriously cracks you up, or at least it did with me :P

    Personal favorite out of the objectives is the territory capturing/defending. Fave game is Slayer on Guardian. That said, I still haven’t played that much. My older’s bro Xbox360 got the “Ring of Death” and my younger bro won’t let me go in his room to use his Xbox360 unless he’s there to supervise cuz I’m very 3ibthiya (nosy). So, the only option is to go buy an Xbox360, and YES I think buying an Xbox360 just for Halo 3 is totally worth it!

  6. Corolla Man: Don’t talk when I play! loool!

    Halicy: I’m using cable, its much better! I had wifi, but during games it would lag and when I went wired it lagged less! The wifi isn’t bad, but if your gaming online all the time then get wired!

    Berserk-KW: ALL HAIL!!!

    monichum: Done! Eat something! Shagaitna bil ranking!

    Eliedh: The minimum speed is 512k and I would still recommend 1MB. Its just such an intense game and any lag would drive you nuts!

    DnG: looooooool! So you mess around with the settings or go snooping around! hehehe! I am going up in ranking but not as fast as some of the guys really, they are just insane its great!

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