Review: Denon 3930


I was looking for a DVD upscaler back in May since I puschased a screen capable of 1080p programs, and after looking around for what is available and what fits my needs I went with the Denon 3930. It has all the high end features which I require from the upcsaler, and it does an amazing job with old DVD movie, new DVD movies, and anime. A lot of these DVDs have different final quality of the movies and shows, but with this machine it shows them in near perfect format. From the capabilities of all machines in its range it had the best balance of features and price. Most DVD players at the time only upscaled to 1080i or 720p which wouldn’t take the full advantage of the screen. The only issue I had was that it was only available through Panasonic Al Yousifi which is overpriced, but its quite expensive online and only available from the UK. Its a heavy item so it wasn’t going to be cheaper if I bought it online.


  • Upscaling to 1080P
  • Universal Player
  • Delay Time adjustments for DVD-Video/Audio and SACD.
  • Great video playback correction so if there any issues it almost fixes it without any issues.
  • Different chips to handle deinterlacing and upscaling
  • Divx 6 compatible
  • Automated output based on screen capabilities (Smart Detection)


  • Its not a small dvd player, it takes up some space
  • Price

Link: Denon
Price: 400 KD


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. two questions

    1. does it work with the pirated DVDs u buy at hawalli ?

    2.can it really upscale a normal dvd movie .. to like the HD version of the same movie ?

  2. Murqab: Yes it plays those dvds without any problems and it can upscale any normal DVD. Not like the HD Version of the movie but much much better then the normal movie! But both the machine and the tv have to be 1080p to look good! I do recommend it!

  3. lfc-q8

    Z if u play crap dvds on like the ones in hawalli it will weaken the processor and the lens on ur high end player just beaware

  4. lfc-q8: Thanks for heads up, I did remember reading that somewhere so I keep them to a minimum!

  5. Mike

    Please let me know where the Denon agent’s shops are in Kuwait. I know that Ocean Trading is the Main Agent but thier phones and Emails are not answered!!

    Many thanks.


  6. Mike: I bought mine from the Dubai Dealer, that was the only thing I could do!

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