24 – Season 7 Trailer


24 is possibly the best show on TV, and Jack Bauer is the man period. I thought season 6 was different, and some people didn’t like the ending of it but I thought it showed Jack Bauer in a different light. This time around they have completely shaken things up, this season is going to be amazing and unreal, just click the YouTube link below to see the trailer. I can’t wait for the premiere, its going to be amazing and Jack will have to do what he does best even if it kills him.

Link: YouTube

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  1. I still have a couple of episodes to watch from season 6. So give me a spoiler alert… is it ok to watch the trailer before I am done with season 6?

    And yes, you are right.. I LOVE 24

  2. Mo Hat

    You forgot Dexter.

  3. Really cool, I’m waiting for it patiently!

  4. madreee if I should say this bas I will. I would’ve been a bigger fan of the show if Jack Bauer was played by a more good looking actor lol. I’m still at Season two.

  5. Ansam: Its going to be fantastic!

    Mo Hat: I didn’t but 24! Come on!

    Biohazard: lol

    G-Funk: damn it!

    N: Same here!


  6. Its going to have another take! shakla chithi! I cant wait

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