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Dubai Trip


This has been the most impromptu trip that I have been on yet. I have had to prepare a lot of paper work for this trip, and I have been reading through pages and pages of specifications and requirements. I have been highliting points just to make sure I’m on top of my game, but I know 100% that I am forgetting a lot and I hope I don’t!

This is what happened, I was running around finishing up some projects and tying up the last loose ends issues some papers to the customer. Then at 1pm I was notified that I will be traveling this weekend to Dubai for work for some very important meetings over a 4 day period and I have to be there. I was slightly shocked that I had to go and so early, I’m not the biggest fan of Dubai because of how expensive it is and the amount of traffic. I have to do a lot of preparation for this meeting, so at least I have some time to prepare but I will be going to a few movies and maybe checking out The Kingdom for sure. Four days is a long time to spend in Dubai, but I have to meet with a team to prepare as well not just by myself. Too bad I can’t just go in for one day and and leave at night, that is what I have done for meetings like that before.

I had to go get some cash for the travel and change it at the exchange, the I had a few people to visit while in Kuwait before I leave. This is going to be a hectic trip for sure, and I really wanted to ride this weekend, too bad I can’t take my bike with me. Now that would be interesting riding in Dubai, or just in the Emirates.

Any recommendations of places to go after work? I’m going to Emirates Mall for the theater and Borders, and maybe picking up a few other things. But other then that I don’t have too many places in mind. I will be going to Emirates Towers to go eat the steak house there, and someone was telling me about the meat factory which I still need to go to. Is there anything that shouldn’t be missed?