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Flight Bookings!


This current trip was a sudden trip and there seems to be a couple of conventions taking place in Dubai so hotel and flights bookings are bit of an issue. After going through all my options I had three Jazeera, Kuwait Airways, and Emirates Airways. I wanted Emirates but I had an early morning meeting this Friday so I couldn’t take their morning flight, and later in the day only Kuwait Airways is available around 4pm, and the Emirates flight later in the night too late for me.

Since Emirates Airlines flight is either full or a difficult timing I can only take Kuwait Airways for a direct flight. From my previous experience with Kuwait Airways in July, I said I wouldn’t fly with them if it is at all possible. With the help of the travel agents they found an direct Jazeera flight which makes one stop on the way to Dubai which I don’t mind. That is a lot better then flying Kuwait Airways in my opinion. It seems a lot of people are still returning from vacation, there is a lot of planes which are filled in every direction and I thought they might be empty but I was wrong.

The funny part is that whenever I book anywhere in the MiddleEast its always through a travel agent, and if I’m traveling inside Europe or the US I will book online. The only way online booking will really flourish in Kuwait is when the online payment systems really work and smoothly. I was having this discussion with a few people who have tried, they make it nearly impossible and when they say they can do it, it doesn’t work. Its been years and they haven’t worked out the kinks in the online payment system.