I honestly enjoy going to Borders the most at Mall of the Emirates, I can spend hours there just browsing through all the books that I would want to purchase and then there are the magazines, and more books later on. I have always wanted to grab all the books that I want to read, but after going through so many bookstores over the years I have come up with just a rule to only buy one book per visit that way I manage to go through the books I buy but that isn’t the case really. I forget about the books that I order online after making a note of them after visiting the bookstore. Recently I have had that much time to read all the books that I want but still I’m always happy to have a selection to choose from when picking up the next book. Going through Borders or any bookstore gets me thinking of what books I’m missing so that gets me searching more for other books and looking for other recommendations.






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  1. monichum

    man can u get me ahmed al-khateeb book.

  2. i just wanna know where r the bookshops in q8? i never heard of a bookshop untill virgin opened up back in 2002 and that was it.

    its sad really especially if u like to browse thru books and stff.. i hate purchasing books online.. dunno its just not as emotional as pickin a brand new book off the shelf

  3. I spy with my little eye NOTEBOOKS
    anyway .. you just reminded me that i need to hit the book store

  4. It’s so refreshing to see some people still actually buy books AND read them too!!

  5. Bordersssssss! A7la bookstore worldwide! We don’t have it it in Kuwait :( Chan zain! I saw it in ML, wow, as you said, I can stay there hours! Yammy.. Do u have the feeling you want to eat those books? I want to have a bookstore in my future house basement :P

    See, Ken Blenchard released his new book, know can do! Don’t miss it! Also Borders notes are amazing!

    The Aggressor: I really don’t know how can people live without reading, or end a day without one paper reading! :)

  6. Hanoda

    Hi ,I just came today from UAE ,and I went to Borders ,and felt like a kid in a candy store,I took a lot of books for my kids .
    I just want to tell The Aggressor who said that he was that somebody actually buy book “ARE YOU KIDDING ME ” .
    Thats why we are behind…….

  7. You don’t suppose there’s ever going to be any chance of Borders, Waterstones or Barnes and Nobles opening ( and perhaps more importantly, staying open) in Kuwait, do you now?
    It’s a shame to see Q8 riding high on a wave of xenophobia and antimodernism today.

  8. monichum: sorry didn’t go back after that!

    Ms. D: There is a bookshop in Al Muthana but I haven’t been there in ages! I know what you mean, I don’t like buying a book unless I have read a few pages!

    Laialy: looooool!

    The Aggressor: You would be surprised, lots of people do you just can’t tell!

    Mai: Its a fantastic bookstore, but I also love the private owned ones because they have a different selection or presentation! I wish a great bookstore would open in Kuwait, but it would be difficult for sure!

    Hanoda: I know exactly what you mean! So much candy!

    pearls: looool!

    N: For sure!

    Allegra: There is a plan to open in Kuwait from what I understood but its going to a task for them to do that. I hope they do because I really want it to happen! It is sad!

    Jacqui: I want the whole thing!

  9. What camera/phone camera did you use to take these pictures?

  10. cajie: I was using a Sony T100, which is a pretty good point and shoot! But I tend to move a lot since a lot of people don’t like pictures being taken!

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