Cinestar Gold Class


Whenever I come to Dubai the first thing I do is look at the movie list, and I see what is playing the Gold Class screens. Those listings for the Gold Class movies are only until Friday so they change, and I head over only when I finish up my work. The best part is the large selection of movies they have, they do have some old movies and new movies but at least a selection of uncensored movies.


For the first time I managed to see a movie I wanted in the Gold Class theater, and its was as good as everyone said it was. The lazy boys are fantastic and you can really relax, the service is great since everything is brought to you. I was with a friend and he told me they have everything on the menu. I asked them for a hot dog and they had different kinds, so I thought to try it out and ordered a chili-hot dog and I think they mixed chilli with tabasco because it was burning hot. I was really enjoying the movie, and I got real comfortable in the seat too bad the other movie in the Gold Class is one I don’t want to watch.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. عندنا ليزي بوي بالافنيوز
    صراحة اعجبوني

  2. Alaaaah wanasa. Madri laish the pictures made me feel like I wanna go there alone late at night in trainers & comfy socks, hot beverage and watch a movie undisturbed, curled up in that lazy boy you described. You can’t do that in Kuwait.

  3. Ansam: yup I did! and I loved it!

    حمودي : I will check it out, kil mara za7ma o full!

    Sushi: I know what you mean, there you can just do the simple things and no reaction. But in Kuwait its another thing really!

  4. Damon Dash

    so only the movies in the gold class are uncensored? because i went there but not in gold class and the movies WERE censored

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