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Service Decline


I have been traveling to Dubai over the past few years mostly for work and things are always changing with more developments and more projects. Service used to be of very high quality at all the hotels and businesses in Dubai, but it seems things have declining for the past few years.

With the expansion of businesses and the population at an exponential rate services hasn’t been able to keep up. The quality of employees have also declined, I have learned that a lot of people have left Dubai to work else where even if they earn less but its less expensive then Dubai.

At a lot of hotels there have been screw ups and mistakes at different points such as vehicle reservation, airport pick up, room extention, and that is only at the hotels. I have been told by friends living in Dubai that you have to beg the dealership to look at your car if you have problem since they sell more cars then they can service so it is an issue to have them fix any minor issues. It takes effort to get good service, and now with more volume the service level has dropped.