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Package Clearance


I was checking on my packages when they arrived in Kuwait on the 27th in the early morning based on the tracking system. I thought that is perfect, I would get all the products by the time I get back from my Dubai trip. I kept checking everyday for the delivery and I kept seeing the packages on hold which I found surprising, one package maybe but not all three packages since they are all electronic items and the same type available in Kuwait.


I tried all day calling Aramex but they didn’t answer, and then I asked a clearance guy I know to pass by since he was in the vicinity he called me from there to tell me I just need to pay 65KD for the whole amount. I said I would pay but I want my packages, when I asked them why customs stopped them the person the phone asked me to hold for a minute which I did, when she got back to me she told me that they weren’t on hold at customs but since they had a huge shipment come in they didn’t deliver a lot of items which I thought was a really bad excuse and misleading, I was ticked off and said I shouldn’t be paying that much if they aren’t going to deliver as soon as they receive it.


I’m just happy I got my electronics and I will be fitting them in the car after the weekend, so thats going to be a lot of fun.