Package Clearance


I was checking on my packages when they arrived in Kuwait on the 27th in the early morning based on the tracking system. I thought that is perfect, I would get all the products by the time I get back from my Dubai trip. I kept checking everyday for the delivery and I kept seeing the packages on hold which I found surprising, one package maybe but not all three packages since they are all electronic items and the same type available in Kuwait.


I tried all day calling Aramex but they didn’t answer, and then I asked a clearance guy I know to pass by since he was in the vicinity he called me from there to tell me I just need to pay 65KD for the whole amount. I said I would pay but I want my packages, when I asked them why customs stopped them the person the phone asked me to hold for a minute which I did, when she got back to me she told me that they weren’t on hold at customs but since they had a huge shipment come in they didn’t deliver a lot of items which I thought was a really bad excuse and misleading, I was ticked off and said I shouldn’t be paying that much if they aren’t going to deliver as soon as they receive it.


I’m just happy I got my electronics and I will be fitting them in the car after the weekend, so thats going to be a lot of fun.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Q8expat

    Mabrook… as they say…. hoping to see the final setup… good luck… do keep us updated..

  2. Q8expat: Thanks, I will be taking lots of pictures and showing how they do it as they do it!

  3. Looks like your rig is going to have some amazing sounds coming out from the inside! Mabrook!

  4. lfc-Q8

    so did u pay or not? mabrook they look good :)

  5. My package came in with yours .. I had to clear the ECU and Intercooler.

  6. jewaira

    Congratulations and enjoy your new toys..

  7. momo

    ARAMEX sucks, i have 2 books on hold for 2 weeks and they won’t deliver, and I won’t go take it! they increased their fares and they also don’t want to deliver!

    did UshopWEship change their fares also or is it the same ?

  8. Mabrook! Yeah, lookin forward to see the final stages of installation. Shouldn’t you install a router for internet connectivity in the car? Get yourself some hacked dashboard system and go all 007!

  9. Mine too came around the same date but they weren’t going to deliver it until the 30th but I had dad go pick it up.

  10. Stallion: Thanks! I’m looking forward to it as well! Its going to be interesting for sure!

    lfc-Q8: I did! I just made sure I complained!

    Ansam: Thanks!

    K: Your kidding me!

    jewaira: Thanks, I will enjoy it when I install it!

    momo: UshopWeShip didn’t increase their charges like Aramex. They increased their fares and won’t deliver now thats sad.

    Laialy: Thanks!

    N: Thanks, I want to keep things simple and as stock looking as possible. The problem of making crazy modifications is the horrible finish they do in Kuwait, so I wont go that way.

    Jacqui: They aren’t delivering to anyone it seems! This is getting annoying!

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