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Review: 3:10 to Yuma


Russle Crowe plays the role of the robber Ben Wade and Christian Bale plays the role of Dan Evans the lowly farmer trying to earn an honest living. Their paths cross at a robbery, and events follow from there. Dan was released from the Northern Army of the US fighting the civil war, and he lost a leg doing that. Ben is a violent and extremely manipulative criminal who plays with people’s minds, and he is able to kill without hesitation. Ben is caught, and Dan joins the group of cowboys transporting Ben to a town to catch the train to Yuma to be hung for killings dozens of people and stealing large amounts of money. Throughout the whole trip they cross paths with different groups who might try to kill Ben or the group. Ben toys with Dan by offering him a huge amount of money to release him and go away, he likes interacting Dan and trying to twist his mind. Things get interesting when Dan’s son William follows them without permission and then joins them. Russle Crow plays the criminal perfectly especially having the ability to show the ruthlessness and his ability to mess with people’s minds. Christian Bale plays the character of the lowly cowboy perfectly with a fire in his eye. A simple cowboy movie played perfectly by two amazing actors.


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