The Slanket


This is the funniest and coolest furniture accessory I have seen yet. It is called the slanket, I think because its a mutation between a blanket and a sweater. Who wouldn’t want to have something this cozy while sitting on the couch, you would remain as stationary as possible and still be able to access snacks and drinks. It comes in 9 different colors, and on another note I find it hilarious how happy this guy looks on the couch. For $45 its fantastic to have in every living room, just find the color you want.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL this is definitely made for people like me! I dont share my blanket when watching TV! Heehee… I will write about it in my blog and link it to yours its SO COOL

  2. lfc-q8

    its a heavy dishdasha so i guess the west now are catching up :P

  3. looks funky and more practical than a “besht”

  4. I always have a blanket somewhere near … even while on the PC
    LoooL I am tempted

  5. Slanket is an ugly name! Its like skank + blanket = slanket!

    I will look hilarious in it, like a Wizard, walking around the house (and tripping)..

    But stiiiiilll tempted to buy it since my house is a freezer!

  6. perfect for those winter days where u just hate to leave ur trusty couch.. then by march u find out that theyr about the only thing that fit :D

  7. In my early years, I used to stretch my vests to get that sort of effect XD

  8. hmmmm
    looks too heavy
    like it will take actual effort to move around which totally contradicts the relaxing couch potato logic

    its already 0 degrees where i live :S

  10. OK lool i change my mind , i’d feel strangled if i were to sleep in that thingy :P

  11. Ansam: loooooool! enjoy!

    lfc-q8: Im not sure how heavy it is but it will be comfortable!

    Mark: I forgot!

    vampire: yeah, because you don’t have to keep closing it!

    Laialy: Try it and let us know!

    The Lady Says: I know, its a funny name! looooool! My house is a freezer too!

    Ms. D: hahahahaha!

    3baid: haha, I think mine are stretched due to natural reasons!

    eshda3wa: I’m not sure how heavy it is!

    Shahd: hahahahaha!

  12. You can make it 3adi. Get a regular blanket 4×4 or 5×5 o wada el khaya6 efa9el deshdasha extra large lol!! That is pretty cool though, wish I had it in the US!

  13. 1001: You don’t walk once you wear it! lol!

    N: Sara7a, its the material that makes the difference, the micro-fiber is comfortable and not too hot! lol

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