Hummer H2 Safari


Its seems that GM has noticed people modifying their Hummer H2, so they might be selling this modified version as an option. It comes with heavy duty suspension and a 2inch lift, 35 inch tires, 20 inch rims, removable windows, and open canvas roof which makes it very different then the normal hummer but functions like a normal one but with more off road tendencies. No price has been anounced yet since its a still a concept vehicle, but I think its a cool idea.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. That is a cool idea, those are some nice modifications. I’m sure you’ll see a couple if not more here in Kuwait if it comes out.

  2. All I want is the wheel in a different color and that retractable top!

  3. EXTREMELY underrated, and very poor to handle & maintain. The gas consumption alone is enough to throw it out the window!

  4. not a die hard fan of hummer on the other hand im thinking of a mustang a 1965 candy blue mustang … the guy is selling it for around 70,000$ i have t get my cousin to see it and sign off on it cuz all i know is that its very pretty but the guy claims that a lot of good work has been done to it …. WISH ME LUCK MY DRIVING EXAM IS ON THE 19TH OF THIS MONTH :D:D

  5. N: For sure you will see a couple!

    Stallion: I know the retractable top is nice!

    Laialy: this one, the old one was a monster!

    The Aggressor: Not so bad, but it isn’t what it should be really!

    SHAHD: Goooood luck! and that is one hell of a machine, if he is asking 70K then he must have put at least 2 -5 years worth of work and money into it!

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