Jack Bauer’s Watch


The Kobold Phantom

There has been a lot of noise going around in the underground 24 forums, and one of things being discussed in this watch. The Kobold Phantom is told to be the real Jack Bauer watch because its development for tactical use with the Special Forces and Green Berets. It has a solid black stainless steel case and bracelet with a special coating called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), and three layers of this special coating is applied to the Phantom to assure its complete resistance to scratching. This watch is to be used in situations such as forced entry and tactical missions, it can be easily used with gloves and full tactical gear, and integrating with that gear. No wonder they said Jack Bauer wears this watch during this missions.




Price: $4850

Link: Kobold

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. it looks really neat … the price is a bit too much!

  2. Yazeed: His other watch, this is being discussed in the forums as his true watch!

    Laialy: yeah the price is up there!

  3. A good Black Ops man would do his mission in a casio and it wouldn’t matter.

  4. suspic: I don’t know why, but when you said Black Ops man I thought of GI Joe! loool!

  5. I never understood the fascination with what “Jack Bauer” wears? Keifer Sutherland was never in the military, he’s an ACTOR.

    The Kobold Phantom is a great timepiece, a little pricey for a 7750, the Sinn or UTS are as good but slightly more affordable. When you compare the Sinn 756 UTC at $3,260.00 v. Kobold Arctic Chrono at $8,000.00 with the SAME Valjoux 7754, the clear winner is easy as Sinn…

  6. 3rdBN1stMarines

    Jack Bauer didn’t want to spend 8k for a watch just to remind himself that it was time to kick some more @55. $600 for a MTM Black-hawk was better.

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