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Red Bull Flugtag – We Did It!


THE PLANE FLEW… at least 7 meters

This was probably one of the funnest things we have ever done.

First Off: Thanks to nibaq for being our pilot, he took a bit of a beating at the bottom. The wind was bad, it was really strong and pushing people to the left because its so strong.

We were at the event form 9 am, and since we were there we had a lot of beverages and helium, somebody had a tank and we were thoroughly using it. A lot of people made fun of our plane, but they loved our team, our heart was in the event and we were ready for the whole mess. All the other teams couldn’t believe that it was our plane, and all the people participating were great people and enjoying themselves.

It is very nice to see events like this in Kuwait which provides a different type of entertainment.

A lot of the judges had some criticisms but we also criticized them for judging based on looks, but the safety judge said our plane was the safest and most comfortable. Also the head of the Red Bull Kuwait and the marketing team said we were the funnest team they have ever seen so that goes for something.

We were on the ramp and about to go, we pushed nibaq off and it flew for a bit and we all jumped. It was one very high ramp, and water was cold but extremely refreshing it was fantastic. After that we felt like we were beat up and the day ended for us.

More blogs will be posting pictures, and videos.. I’m exhausted and I’m hungry, but I have one hell of smile from this crazy event.