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Rude Awakening


Wednesday night I left work around 9:00pm and went to my cousins dewaneya wear only two of us sat there for a bit. I had a lot of work so I stayed late, but then I passed by my cousins since I was hungry and I knew there would be food. I honestly got dizzier by the minute so I left early and went to Zait & Zaatar to pick up a few sandwiches, and when your hungry you tend to order more then you really need.

I was happy to get home and eat some food while watching anime. I was very happy after finishing the meal and about an hour and a bit later I was asleep around 11:15 pm because I was so tired and full.

Then around 5:15am I woke up and felt something very strange and within seconds I felt pain in my chest, I got right up. I knew what it was after a bit, it was a lot of built up heart burn hitting me one go. My fist was clenching my t-shirt and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I drank some cold water but that doesn’t really help. So I got up to walk around but that didn’t help much either, so I walked out of my room to get me a fresh yellow apple. After eating it and drinking some water the pain started dying down after 5 minutes, and I did feel better. It was all my fault and I wouldn’t want to repeat that mistake again, it was a freaky feeling to wake up to.