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James Bond Ultimate Collectors Set


Previously they released these movies in 4 different packs, for once they got them all together in one huge pack, The Ultimate Pack. For $200 you could own the 21 Bond movies as well as the bonus features. The nice part is that its all in one pack, but when the new Bond movies come out you are going to have to get them as well. Then there is the possibility of getting them in HD-DVD or Blu Ray, that is another factor that I keep thinking about. At least its a better deal then the previous set, this is $200, and the previous pack would have cost pver $400 for only 20 DVDs.


I do enjoy how they put up an image from every movie in the pack, Pierce Brosnan is one of the best in my opinion after Sean Connery. The funny part I think I haven’t seen all 21 movies, maybe 14 at most 18.

Link: Amazon