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3000 km – On The Mark


I haven’t had a good chance to ride in a while, so I was planning to ride saturday as much as I can and ride I did. I met up with vampire at 9:10 am at Marina Crescent parking lot and we headed out from there. We took the Fahaheel to Mina Abdulla, then we took the inside roads to Starbucks Julai for something to eat and drink since we were both hungry. I really do enjoy stopping there and I think they chose the perfect location for that Starbucks. After finishing up there with a few funny events taking place we tried going to Bnaider, but they stopped us and wouldn’t let us cross at the naval base. From there we decided to had back down Fahaheel expressway to Marina Mall for a quick cold water which helped us continue on the seaside. It was a fantastic day with so many riders out, we were riding like it was a time attack. I love the sweeping corners, we were really enjoying the ride the whole way but as usual there were some idiots on the road (First Idiot in a Citroen, and the second idiot in a Suburban)


Notable Events:

  • Started at 2634 km on my odometer, ended the day at 3000 km on the mark.
  • We were told off by the Minister of Interior for stopping in the middle of the road in Mina Abdulla, I honestly thought it was hilarious, and vampire pointed out who he was, I thought he looked familiar, the Minister of Interior was ready to tell us off. He said we would stop traffic even though it was 9:36am in Mina Abdulla on Saturday morning on an inside road with no traffic in either direction for at least the 5 minutes that we were stopped there. But we apologized to the man because he was worked up, and I wanted to laugh, he said fine and drove off as we were about to get on our bikes.
  • As we were riding out of Julai’a a herd of at least 40 camels were crossing in front of us so we slowed down to 5 – 10 km/h, it was hilarious they would stop and look at us when they were crossing, who says camels don’t have attitude. Then when we got close a lot of them wanted to cross quickly in front of us, it was just a funny site I couldn’t stop and take pictures because we had to get some gas.
  • I ran out of gas before coming to a gas station with ultra, so I had to fill up with super since I was couldn’t go anywhere in the state I was in. So vampire had to tag along for the fill up.
  • We saw three kids no older then 10 years old driving in the beach house areas in the morning and it scared the crap out of me while we were riding.