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Gulf Run Update


This is going to be really fun, there are is a good number of people going. I know only half of them, I don’t know the other half but they seem like decent people. There are a few things taking place that we need to do to get things going like details with your car and everything like that. I really like how organized the people are, and they have a lot of the paperwork ready to go through to get things done, they are also helping some guys with tickets and problems to get their cars cleared for transport.

All these events are open to the public if anyone wants to check them out its worth going. 24 cars from Kuwait so thats going to be fun, and I think a few from Bahrain.


Event 1:
Time: Nov 11th, 8:00pm
Location: Al Falah Car Wash in Sharq
To get cars cleaned and then applying the Gulf Run stickers to all the cars, I want the number 24!

Event 2:
Time: Nov 12th ,4:00pm
Location: Parking Lot on Seaside next to KPC in Shuweikh
Transporting the Vehicle, there will be a special police escort from there down the gulf road to the docking area by entertainment city.

Nov 15h : Gulf Run
8am to 6pm

Link: TheGulfRun