I Hate Office Phones!


I don’t know why but I really do hate office phones and I came to the realization recently. I had to move offices recently and in my new office I didn’t have an office phone for over two weeks and I found that to be very relaxing, I really didn’t want a phone and I was enjoying the ability to get work done without something going off. Whoever needs me can find me on my cell phone, then they installed the phone from somewhere else in the company and gave me a number.

At that point I realized how much I hate office phones, and here are a few reasons:

  • The phones are so damn ugly with no ergonomics what so ever.
  • These phones get dirty so quickly and for some reason it doesn’t seem clean no matter what you do.
  • The phones with LCD screens have the weirdest abbreviations for the functions which leaves me clueless of what the hell it might do.
  • How many buttons does it take to reach the voice mail and the command rational for deleting makes no sense.
  • I don’t use 90% of the features that the phone has, its nearly impossible to even do something simple such as storing a name in a phone or something of that nature. The simple tasks are made so difficult that you want to smash your phone.

Just like Office Space I want to take a bat to my phone. I hate office phones!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. add to that.. I never set my voicemail in the office, I dont know how to do so.. and not interested to know how.. but just received an email from IT last week asking us all to do so!!! I still didnt do it!

  2. I hate them too! I remember I read once an article that confirmed that the number one distraction while at work is office phone.

  3. Ansam: loooool! I know what you mean, I haven’t done mine either and I won’t!

    shopa: That is very true, i don’t like that I have it!

  4. I still have to work in an office. Hope these common problems be solved by the time I work in n office or something similar.

  5. I dont have an office coz i dont work :(

    i’m jealous! but yeah i can get ur idea. i don’t like the ringing tones of office phones. they’re too serious. :/

    maybe if u installed a melody ringing office tone? like a hip-hop one. Wanasa! can u do that?

  6. Hehehe you don’t deal with customers who are calling 24/7 and the problem is if no one answers they keep calling, it’s insane! I hate them and I hate how they call for basic things that the Call-Center can help them with and no matter what you say they don’t understand that!

  7. Angelo: It isn’t going to happen anytime soon! They will remain ugly and dysfunctional.

    This Lady Says: Hell No! No hip hop no melody! That would drive you nuts to hear it everyday, I prefer the low tones, the thing is its such a horrible to work and it interferes with my work!

    Laialy: No, it would be ashkarah!

    Jacqui: Half the people are idiots and they don’t even know how to react and things! They just drive you nuts! In my case, its annoying people!

  8. Carlsb3rg

    CISCO phones rule!! No wonder CTU uses them ;p

  9. Carlsb3rg: I disagree!!! They are confusing as hell!

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