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Review: Freedom Writers


Students living in the roughest parts of Southern California, so much so that living another day is an accomplishment for them. Freedom Writers is a group of these young people who wrote about their day to day lives while being supported so much by their teacher that she went with them from teaching freshman and sophomores to juniors and seniors and then following them to college to make sure they stay together and strong. Hilary Swank plays this teacher, it is a moving story and she fits the role perfectly as the optimistic teacher of a group of students who everyone has given up on. Its an amazing story of people bonding together with such different backgrounds and relating to each other based on their experiences and the difficulties they faced in life, and the war that is their lives. Most of these students face life and death situations on a daily basis, and they have lost more friends then they could count. It is a difficult path they have, and it is amazing to see how they overcome the difficulties to survive life and more.


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