Sorting Stuff Out


I have some storage cupboards which I use for all my books, dvds, cds, and miscellaneous items which have piled up over the years. Whenever I finish ripping a few CDs to my hard drive I take those CDs to the cupboards, and whenever I finish a few books, I shift a couple of books upstairs as well. That cupboard is also housing all the books, DVDs, CDs, and items from my college days.


There are also a few notebooks that I wrote in before going to college which have information about all the upgrades and technical work I wanted to do on a truck I would get during college. I’m happy I have all these items to look at every once in a while, I forget that I have them and when I do read through them I remember what I was thinking during that time and how things have progressed and changed, it also has notes of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go. Always keeping the good things in mind while learning from the bad. There are a lot of books up there that I haven’t read yet which I’m anxious to read as well, I even remember why I bought every book that I bought, I’m happy that I do remember the reason behind each book and what I had in mind at the time.


There is a bunch of martial arts books that I was reading through in 2001 when I was taking Akido, and Kung Fu classes, it was a really good time and I got the hell beaten out of me. Did my fighting skills improve after those classes for 6 months, I think slightly, and I had one hell of a bruised ego. This was just one of the reasons for those books, and I laugh at what I was doing at the time and I don’t regret anything that I did do.


Its always good to remember all this, I need to go through all the books and sort them out but that would take a couple of days to go through them. I also have to digitize some of the good CDs that I have since I have a lot of good music which I don’t have access to at my finger tips.





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  1. some interesting titles.. but wut geners? all martial arts?

  2. Liberal Islam!!! what is that
    I spy with my little eye a BATMOBILE hahahaha

  3. baaatmaaaaan *danananandananana* batmaaaaan!

    *cough* sorry..

  4. Halicy

    10KD for the batmobile :P

  5. moocherx

    Police Academy was HILARIOUS.

  6. Ms.D: Different ones, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, History, Comics, Science, Business, and so many others. Really a different range.

    myk: Its a gift from a dear friend!

    Laialy: Its a different Western look into Islam, real interesting. And I love my batmobile!

    Kodder: Thanks, I was looking for good pictures before putting that up! Also waitin for the 848 pictures, look crazy in white though!

    Swair: looool!

    Halicy: If you offered 100KD I wouldn’t sell it! Its a vintage model, not a toy!!

    Berserk: NOPE!!! Its priceless!

    moocherx: yup, thats why I have all the movies!

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