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Speeding Tickets – California Trip


This short summer vacation I was in California and during that time I drove a lot and during that time I managed to get a few speeding tickets in that time. I crossed from Southern to Northern California and back at least 3 to 4 times which led to the incidents with the police. I took different steps with different tickets hopefully to lower the damage done to my insurance.

Ticket 1:
Location: Orange County
Situation: Racing a 2007 M5 in a faster car and I managed to hit 178 mph and braked really hard before passing the cop.
Ticket: Speeding more then 90 mph (Lucky he didn’t know the real speed)
Fine: $340
My Action: Paid $378 for Fine and online traffic school to avoid point.

Ticket 2:
Location: Los Banos
Situation: In the mountain pass with an empty road driving fast, around 134 mph.
Ticket: Speeding, doing 96 mph in a 55 mph zone.
Fine: $430
My Action: Paid $430, since there is nothing that can be done and its in the middle of nowhere, and I can’t take traffic school for it. So I got the point for this one.

Ticket 3:
Location: San Mateo
Situation: Driving fast to San Francisco and pass a hidden cop hiding under a bridge
Ticket: Speeding at 80 mph (which isn’t too bad, when I was doing 95 mph)
Fine: $200
My Action: Paid $150 to Lawyer to fight it and drop it.