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Over the past couple of months I haven’t had too much time to read but I still do, and then recently I have been reading a lot because I wanted to read other books and some genres I just can’t mix. If it is a business book then its simple to read with other books, but fiction and non-fiction books which require attention can’t be mixed. I added one book to my list called Bran Failures because its just really interesting how the author explains the brand failures of 100 companies in the past, and you can understand what you can and can’t do with a lot products and avoid previous made mistakes. That is just one of them, with Thief With No Shadow I’m getting more and more intrigued by whats going to happen next so I stay up a bit just reading more and more.

Currently Reading:

  • Thief With No Shadow – Emily Gee
  • Founders At Work – Jessica Livingston
  • Brand Failures – Matt Haig

Books I purchased:

  • Chasers – Lorenzo Carcaterra
  • Samurai – Hightman

So many books so little time.

Books I want to purchase, but I’m going to wait on them until I finish a few of the ones I have:

  • Iran Awakening
  • Long Way Down
  • The Starbucks Experience
  • Boeing vs. Airbus
  • James Bond the Authorized Biography
  • The Awakened Mage (Book 2)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. no fiction..?? i liked the title “Long Way Down”.. whats it about?

  2. I saw “The Starbucks Experience” yesterday while at Borders but it just didn’t interest me much

  3. Interesting choices. I know about the reading and reading on part … I’ll close it when i finish this paragraph no this chapter no the next …
    I’ll check out some of your list see if the appeal to me.

  4. babyblue

    check (blink) it was on bestseller list back wen i was in LA in summer..non fiction..easy read..learned alot biz

  5. babyblue

    check (blink) it was on bestseller list back wen i was in LA in summer..non fiction..easy read..learned alot about biz

  6. Ms. D: Its about Ewan McGregor and his friend crossing Africa on Motorcycles! Its a lot of fun! There is some fiction in there!

    Laialy: I’m just curious about the whole thing! Successful businesses always interest me!

    maryam: lol! One page after the next until I can’t keep my eyes open!

    babyblue: I will check that out for sure!

  7. Btw, I just got an email, Magroudy Bookstore is having a huge warehouse sale on November 9-11, 2007 .. if anyones there…! (for more information call 04 2974321).

    I hope its okay I posted this here?

  8. Your choices in books never cease to amaze me. I think you are one of those people who isn’t attracted to mainstream books and novels.

    To be honest, I usually buy a book that is mainstreamed and hyped but so far all those books I picked are great reads. Are we expecting any book review anytime soon?

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