Ducati Monster 696


Ducati has at last redesigned the successful Ducati Monster to retain its history while giving it a new edge. I have always been a huge fan of the Monster, but this iteration is something else. I can’t wait to get my leg over the new one and take it for a spin. They have designed the new 696 to be more muscular looking as well as providing a lighter machine with a little bit more umph. The one thing I love about the new Monster is the new front light integrated with modern technology, it is also lighter which makes it easier to meneauver. An increase in both torque and hp while a 5 kg drop in weight is going to be great for handling. The best part about any monster is the ability to customize the machine, so there will be a lot of unique machines being created once its released.

The funny part is that this is the basic version, I can’t wait to see the other versions of this machine that they will come out with. Ducati is getting it right with all their machines these days, hopefully they keep going with these amazing designs and more.

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  1. the most impressive thing in this new machine is the new 696cc engine and the light weight,, and i like the electonic instrument panel but that shouldn’t be in a “monster”, i think an old fashion tach’s will look more classic.

    i hate the sub frame,, looks cheap,, maybe that’s bcoz it’s the entry level and it is targeted to budget buyers

    most of the monster owners hate the design (i’m one of them) but i’m certain that over time it’ll grow on me and other moster fellows

    (based on this thread: http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php?topic=97436.0
    more than 440 replies in one day!!!)

    i can’t agree more about how beautiful or how well made it is of a bike,, but being a monster…

    look at the 848 (drool)

  2. Halicy

    I stoped riding since i had my accident 5 years ago, but that bad ass bike might get me back to the track :)

  3. Vampire: Anything new always takes some time to adjust to, with time you will like it or when you ride it you will love it! Its a fantastic machine, and like you said the 848 is just something else!

    Halicy: I had an accident a couple of years back but it wasn’t too bad, and the I try to stay as safe as possible because I want to continue riding. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy a ride sometime soon, o salamaat

  4. Halicy

    Thanks buddy.. Well, it toke a long time to recover since i lost my right hand in that accident, but thanks god it’s as good as new now. I was so lucky nothing worse happened :)
    Damn i still cant forget the taste of asphalt when my buddy was skiing on it at 240km/h.

  5. what I see about the new monster, is that they fixed something that was bad in all previous monsters, ground clearance.
    they lifted the exhaust system up, Finally!!

  6. Halicy: Salamaat! That is one hell of a thing to through, sara7a thats why I wear full gear. It protects me to a certain degree o the rest is in gods hands.

    Kodder: That is right, it is a huge improvement with the clearance and the exhaust! I really want to get my leg over it and try it out for sure!

  7. Halicy

    Allah esalmek, i was wearing full gear, that’s why am still a live otherwise ill be “shawarma” :p

  8. Halicy

    a friend of mine just got one, Finely ive got the chance to test drive the new monster yesterday. i can confirm that its the best monster ever built :)

  9. -Ve Charge

    Went to Tristar kuwait last night .. guys have no clue about release date in kuwait .. he said might be mid october!?

    Me likes..Me wants.

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