Review: Ninos Avenues


I used to be a huge fan of the Ninos by the seaside during the early years but I felt that the quality of food has declined over the years so I stopped going about 5 years ago. I did remember that they had some really good veal and chicken with lemon sauce or mushroom cream sauce. It would really hit the spot before, so now when the new one opened I thought to check it out and I was hoping that the quality of food would be what it used to be or even better.


I have had lunch there twice now and both times the service was great, the food was very good and exactly what I was hoping for. They have a very large outdoor patio area which they will be opening soon, the seating is very nice and overall I really like the place. I’m looking forward to trying more dishes since everything I ate was tasty. I felt that it even tasted better then the old Ninos I remember and it was refreshing.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ohhh thats veal limone with linguini!!! It is my favorite at Nino
    Next time try beef medallions
    I also tried grilled hamour which was ok but full of fat for some weird reason!

  2. Carlsb3rg

    Nino is the most overrated restaurant ever

  3. NINO.. been goin there since their openning which was on a tuesday 1998.. i guess october..? or november.. not sure

  4. I like Nino, but ur right the food quality declined over the yrs. Or did our taste become a little more sophisticated?

    either way, i’m glad they’re getting better. I like Kuwaiti owned and developed projects. Makes me proud.

  5. lancer

    laialy_q8 said: “it looks a little tight doesn’t it?”

    mmm… I think thats what they want! SADLY

  6. try chicken livers next time , i love ’em :)
    bel3afya dear ;)

  7. Been there twice and never liked it. I’ve been told I don’t order the “right” stuff.. I just think their food isn’t that good.

  8. pearls: I began liking them again!

    Ansam: I will try out the medallions, I tend not to eat fish outside the house! Zone is very nice but overpriced like you said, they need to price slightly lower to get things going.

    Carlsb3rg: I don’t think its highly rated in the first place, but this one tasted good.

    Ms. D: Loooool! That was a long time ago, but it was tasty for sure!

    Laialiy: Its really long!

    This Lady Says: I agree, I like when Kuwaiti owned business expand and grow! I hope they keep the quality of food up!

    lancer: Its really long!

    Jacqui: yup!

    Zabo0o6a: I will try them! Thanks!

    N: Really, I’m surprised I did like what they had! I will try some other stuff!

  9. ana 3axik! I eat more fish out! I am not mo6abag and marag simch kinda person. I like grilled hamour, salmon, sol fish, sea bass heehee my dad is still puzzled why I dont eat fish at home :-P

  10. *agrees*
    I love the place, but I have to say their chairs were not too comfy..
    But you gotta try their cream of mushroom soup…. *mmmmm*
    If you like mushrooms, that is O___O

  11. Ansam: Em6abag bil bait o bes!!!!! looool! Your dad is correct for feeling puzzled!

    Sarah 7: Yup the seats aren’t too comfortable but not bad! I will try that soup out! I do like mushrooms!

  12. moocherx

    I remember it was a pain to try to even get into Nino’s back in 98 or 99 whenever it opened. Then after a break of about 8 years I went back 6 months ago. The food was still really very good – I was actually surprised.

    As for The Avenues – I still can’t bring myself to enjoy any food in a shopping centre. It just seems futile to eat anything other than junk food in a place meant for retail.

  13. I used to love Nino too! Bas min zimaaaaaaan mo ray7a! Yeah the food did change.. I’ve been wanting to go to the Avenues one for such a long time!! Now you’ve encouraged me to go!

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