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Al Fallah Car Wash


Since finding out about the 1st meeting for The Gulf Run will be at the Al Fallah Car Wash I wanted to check it out. Since I was in the area of Sharq, it is on Al Soor street and very visible from the street with a Castrol sign. I drove in and there were a few empty spots and they were drying a lot of cars, so they told me to go forward. I told them just to wash the tires body, but not lift it up. They were very proficient, and they have a very nice customer seating area with lots of magazines.


It took the guys about 10 – 12 minutes to finish washing my car and then another 7 minutes to dry my car, and for only a couple of KD I had a really clean car and great service. They were washing a few supercars there as well when I was there, they were drying a white F430 and it was looking really nice. The whole place operates very nicely and they have a detailing area which was closed for two vehicles in side of them, I wasn’t sure what was in them but I will be stopping there more often because of the convenience of location and good service.