Al Fallah Car Wash


Since finding out about the 1st meeting for The Gulf Run will be at the Al Fallah Car Wash I wanted to check it out. Since I was in the area of Sharq, it is on Al Soor street and very visible from the street with a Castrol sign. I drove in and there were a few empty spots and they were drying a lot of cars, so they told me to go forward. I told them just to wash the tires body, but not lift it up. They were very proficient, and they have a very nice customer seating area with lots of magazines.


It took the guys about 10 – 12 minutes to finish washing my car and then another 7 minutes to dry my car, and for only a couple of KD I had a really clean car and great service. They were washing a few supercars there as well when I was there, they were drying a white F430 and it was looking really nice. The whole place operates very nicely and they have a detailing area which was closed for two vehicles in side of them, I wasn’t sure what was in them but I will be stopping there more often because of the convenience of location and good service.






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  1. I love that car wash, i always wash down there. Oh and i saw that Beemer there a few times. its like a gold diarrhea color, i am sure it was interesting when the car was new but now its just fugly.

  2. Laialy: Yup! A little bit on the mustard side!

    Stallion: Yup!

    punky: hahahahaha! yup!

  3. what a great car wash, love the service, loved the atmosphere, the staff were great. and everything was just perfect!

  4. Nice walla! and the price is nicer too.. I want to do detailing also, any recommendations?

  5. They detailed my car a couple weeks ago; They did an amazing job on the interior, made the leather at least three shades brighter (on an already clean car).

  6. ahmed

    the car wash is owned by my cousins! great to hear all of you like it! i’ll tell them about your recommendations if any.

  7. zahed

    Best Car Wash Ever ABNEEEEEE

  8. Let me guess, you’re one of the cousins zahed?


  9. are there any drive through car washes in kuwait – like in the West where you sit in your car and go through a gizmo?

    this place sounds good but what about the undercarriage cleaning? whats that like?

  10. Great, I’ll be sure to look it up!

  11. K.TheKuwaiti you did it in the same place? Al Falah?

  12. Konchelski: Yup I agree 100%!!!

    Ansam: I do recommend you go to them. They do have professionals, and you can talk to the owners if you want anything specific, they are always there!

    K: Yup, they have the right items to make your car shine!

    ahmed: That is great, tell them they are doing a great job!

    zahed: hahahaha!

    suspic: I don’t think so!

    amer: There are abuot two but not even close to quality as this one. They clean the undercarriage and engine compartment! They do exactly what you want!

    N: check it out!

    Jacqui: Go there!!!!

    Ansam: Yup!

  13. ahmed

    suspic: no i’m not one of the cousins i don’t even know who you’re talking about.

  14. moocherx

    When I go back to Bangkok each month, I notice how much better the cars – especially the Toyota Camry’s – look there. They’re very shiny and clean compared with the dull paintwork in Kuwait. I understand that in Thailand cars are coated with some process called “Car-Lac” which I assume to be a kind of laquer spray to protect from the environmental conditions – wheras in Kuwait we just let the car suffer in the heat and dust.

    Does anyone know if there is any kind of laquering service in Kuwait? I want to buy a car here, but if it’s going to deteriorate to a dull paint job after a few months, I’d prefer to just lease/hire.

  15. moocherx

    p.s. if this doesn’t exist, any entrepreneurs out there would make a million offering this service. All you need is a workshop, some labour, buy lacquer from the UK, some paint spraying equipment… and khallas. Overnight success.

  16. ahmed: lol!

    mooocherx: From what I asked the guys running this place are young guys who just started and are offering good service! I am more then happy to support the young entrepreneurs in Kuwait. And as for the polish there is a place called llumar which will make your car look like new but it will cost a lot, its a full on car detailing which takes about 2-4 days and around 150 to 200 KD.

  17. Ansam:
    Yeah .. they have a detaling center inside the carwash.

    The owner will go through the car with you and ask you what kind of detailing do you want and the different levels available(Protective, Shiny, etc.). I went with a light polish and wax to keep the clearcoat on the car.

    Other detailing centers in Kuwait will use a very aggressive polish to take out all the swirl marks and your left with unprotected paint after a couple visit.

  18. I must admit i’m a dabous fan, but i do need to try this place out. Look’s good !

  19. halil: Me too, I love that place!! Its really good!

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