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Budget Plans & Nightly Milchas


Things have been insane for me for the past two weeks, work has just been getting more intense every day. I don’t think I have pushed this much to get information and to get work done. I have had to make a business plan for my department while working with the other departments, and its all about give and take while making sure the numbers can be reached. I think I’m jumping the gun on a few things and I am making a few mistakes, I’m getting hints but I am left to make my own mistakes. I’m not a 100% sure of what I am doing but one thing is for sure, I am 100% behind what I am planning of doing and if I make a mistake I won’t repeat it. One thing is for sure I am learning a lot so I really do like that I know more then I did the day before, and whenever its a learning experience thats a great thing, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. I have been spending hours upon hours at work forgetting to eat anything, there was one day which I felt dizzy towards 3 pm and I realized that I just felt that I didn’t have any energy and the last thing I ate was a sandwich at 6pm the day before so I got a Starbucks frapaccino which really gave me some energy to keep going. I have deadlines to submit paperwork while checking on a lot of other work and making sure things go smoothly while helping a few new hires get on their feet. Its just been hectic from one thing to another, really trying to keep things together.

After work almost everyday there has been a milcha to go to, so I just go home around 6:00pm or 6:30pm shower and change then head back out. I go the milchas early for parking and if its a good friend I stay for the whole time. Recently it has been a lot of people that I know so I stay the whole time and I don’t leave until 9:30pm or 10:00pm the only funny thing about this type of days is that I don’t get a chance to eat until the milcha itself. So the first hour we would talk to all the people we know then we would all migrate to the Shawarma stands, and there have been some really good shawarmas! So from these events I have come to the conclusion that Lenotre has the best beef Shawarma and the Sheraton has the best Chicken Shawarma! I can’t wait to relax this weekend, I just want to play Halo 3.