Sony Ericsson W890i


Sony Ericsson has been extremely successful with the W880i, so much so that they have made minor improvements and now they are going to release the W890i. I still have my W880i and I do enjoy a phone for once that doesn’t have issues after three months. Its as thing as a CD case, and has 26 MB internal memory not including the expansion memory which could be added depending on the memory that you buy for it.


There has been a slight improvement on the network capabilities, so it handle all these GSM/DATA networks EDGE, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HSDPA and UMTS 2100 MHz networks. It coms in brown and silver, very thin, and the TrackID software which makes it successful a good mp3 playing phone. And improved camera from 2 MP to 3 MP, so that is a good thing for sure.

Link: OhGhizmo

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  1. I really enjoyed using my brother’s W880i while in q8 … i might have my eye on this one for myself …

  2. That’s what I’m starting to hate about SE. They’re not releasing any worthy phones. It’s either low entry phones or slightly upgraded phones on previous models. This is just what Nokia used to be. On the other hand, Nokia is now releasing most of their phones fully loaded with features, while SE’s two-three flagship phones are already outdated once they get released or prior to it’s release!

  3. I have the W880i and its awesome… I havent seen this one though!

  4. I’ve read a little review of it, it has a slightly larger screen (from the w880’s 1.8″ screen to the new w890’s 2″ screen)
    also the review mentioned the keys are alot easier to deal with..
    it also has the new system for sony ericsson with they started with the K850..
    it’s going to be a very interesting phone..
    oh yeah!
    and it comes in my favorite color..
    Black ;P

  5. Laialy: Its a good phone, very simple and just a phone

    abdullah: I do agree with you on some points but the thing is Nokia my be first to market but they have the buggiest phones. I have tried both for long periods of time, and Nokia always becomes crippled after a few months of use.

    Ansam: Its coming out in a bit!

    Berserk: Nice! I think I might get it when it comes out for sure!

  6. Even though that this is a W-series phone, meaning that they focus on improving the music player in the phone more than improving the camera, because the camera is a K-series thing, they could have at least also improved the camera to 3.2 mega pixels. It would’ve been a great move.

  7. There is a new one coming out that’s going to blow this one out of the waters also SE! But what I am getting at here.. Are you grabbing one?

  8. Amjad: It has been improved to 3.2 Megapixel!

    Jacqui: I’m probably grabbing this one when it comes out because the W880i has been very good!

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