This is one of the best products for people who like using Wifi in areas with weak signals or moving around. This is a range-extending wifi product which connects through the USB with the software you can connect to any Wifi connection within a 1000 feet which is a huge area. Whats great is that you can focus the antenna in the direction that you want so it can concentrate on the antenna if you know where the antenna is. It can sit on a flat area or clip on to your screan.

It works with Windows XP and Vista and on Mac OS X 10.3 and up, including Leopard which costs $79.00.

Link: hField

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ordered .. when are we going to start the Mishref WiFi consortium?

  2. moocherx

    any health issues, like it frying the brains of small children?

  3. 1000 feet, that’s like 300 meters! I want this!

  4. I think that would bother me mentally .. just to see it there

  5. I’m going to order this next weekend, thanks marzouq

  6. K: The consortium must start as soon as things calm down for us!

    Frankom: Yup!

    moocherx: Cell phones would have done that a long time ago!

    Shayma: Yup!! Very far away!

    Laialy: loooool! But then you could surf faster and far away!

    Moey: No prob!

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