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2008 Landcruiser – Kuwait


This has been something I have been looking forward to for a while, after work my friend calls me up and tells me Al Sayer brought the new Landcruiser so I picked him up right after work and went to Toyota. He said that its going to be very crowded and there will be people prospecting for the current Landcruiser as you are driving in.


We drove and from the fourth ring road you can see the huge crowd at Toyota, so we went in and parked by Behbehani Porsche instead of their side to avoid the traffic. As I was driving in there were kids asking me if I would sell my Landcruiser, I said yes for 10’500 KD and cash on the spot, they asked what year, I said 2000 Manual V8, then they said have good day! I was ready for them, no way in hell would I sell my Landcruiser!


Then me and my friend walked to Toyota and when you enter I felt like it was Friday Market, I haven’t seen this many ninjas in one car showroom at one time. It was the funniest site in the world, it was honestly a great site. All these people came out to buy the new Landcruiser and some people seemed to have cash ready to take it on the spot. The Toyota sellers were overwhelmed by the amount of customers, people were spilling out of the offices.


Now the Landcruiser is only G, GX, and VX models and price ranging from 10’500 KD to 17’500 KD which is lower then the projected 20’000 KD that people thought it was going to be. On another note the Landcruiser V8 is a 4.7 Liter not like the 5.7 Liter in the US, the Lexus LX is a 5.7 Liter in Kuwait. These cars are going to sell like crazy and I honestly like the look of the machine and its amazing from the inside, I’m not a fan of the rear but its much better in real life then it is in the pictures and the color I liked the most was the white one. The new Landcruiser is bigger then the old one so that is why its more comfortable, they will be flooding the streets soon.