Seinfeld – The Complete Series


No Soup For You

This is one the funniest series that I could ever remember, I felt sorry for George Costanza and I just loved Kramer and all his crazy ideas and antics. This was a series that aired from 1989 to 1998 and the storyline was always filled with clever wit and funny parts. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show until I started following it, I would hate them sometimes but they would make me laugh because I hated them so much. They would complain but then things would just happen to them and make me laugh. They ended the show while it was on top so it is remembered as one of the greatest shows of American Television. And after another 10 years since ending the show they have at last released the complete series as a one package.

Price: $206

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i loved that show.. but hated the season finale.. such a big let down :( bs still they couldnt have done it any better.. still good tho..

    lool at the no soup for u ;p the soup nazi ;p

  2. Seinfeld is just waaaaaay funny … his voice is so unique

  3. i cant have too much sienfeld at once, ill just give myself a stomach ache!

  4. Great! Now if only they sold them on hard drives… :/

  5. Never was a fan but Kramer really cracked me up, and I mean re~ally. I believe the term fu9la is a perfect fit for him :P

  6. Halicy

    i heard that most of the charectores are are based on real people like kramer and the soup nazi :)

  7. Ms. D: I was the same, I hated the finale! lol! The Soup Nazi!

    Laialy: His voice was weird! hehehe

    eshda3wa: looool!

    3baid: hahaha! You want everything in a hard drive!

    DnG: Kramer killed me, I loved how he slid into Jerry’s Apartment!

    Halicy: That is New York for you!

  8. Damon Dash

    you’re explaining it like we live on mars! who the hell don’t know about Seinfeld

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