Synced Riding


When I usually ride with someone I usually ride at only 40 to 50 percent of my urge and capabilities because I don’t want to put the person I’m riding with in a position that he/she might want to keep up. When that person pushes their limit just to keep up they might make a huge mistake so I might push little but I would hold back, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the ride immensely.


Now after riding all summer and during this period vampire’s riding skills have improved vastly, but like anyone else he has a lot of room for improvement and so do I. What is great is that I can tell he has the feeling for his bike, he knows what are the bikes limits and what he can do with it. I have only one friend in the states that I ride at a 100 % because I know he knows where is comfort zone is in riding and when he wants to push and we respect each others limits. Vampire has reached a very high point where he rides with respect to his partner, and this mutual respect in riding is what keeps us safe. Even when we ride like bats out of hell we know what we are doing and keeping errors to a minimum. Its a great thing when you see someone’s skill keep improving.


We had a great ride this Friday it was a bit short but very enjoyable, we saw at least 30 to 40 motorcycles that day. Motorcycle season is starting up so you will be seeing a lot motorcycles on the road. The funny part was when we were looking for a gas station with Ultra in it and I thought I remember one of them around Shuweikh but I couldn’t remember exactly where until later in the the day, but before that we had to go Mansouriya gas station to fill up with the Ultra Gas, it was hilarious just riding around looking. Then we just kept meeting with friend after friend, as a spontatious day we all managed to meet up in Marina Crescent they wanted breakfast when I just wanted something to eat.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


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  2. that yellow sport classic looks much better rolling on the road than sitting in the showroom

    i enjoyed our great escape ehheeheehee

    i want to push harder but my bike’s limiting me, maybe that’s a good thing not to be stupid and hurt myself ?! “

  3. chocolateeeee cake *drools a little* sorry about that

    yaaay for robo!

  4. I think I saw you guys near the scientific center ! I was out for a drive too lovely weather this weekend ! :D

  5. Vampire – aka Mr. Hotness? :P

    Hehehe I’m glad you guys had fun!

  6. the pic with the helmets and cakes is good!

  7. eshda3wa: loool!

    vampire: I think you just need to know your limits and you will be fine! Plan ahead for any screw ups! All I have to say is 848!

    Laialy: lool! Yeah, it was fun riding on Robo!

    mathew: Thats cool, I was riding fast past there! Fantastic weather!

    Jacqui: looool!

    Salah: lol! It was good!

  8. 848 .. once i know its price,, i’ll deside,, can’t sleep

  9. I’m dead :P 12 hour working hours! Hehe driving me up the wall hahaha!

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