Vector Magic


Vectorizing an image is the process of turning a normal image into fine lines as if its a realistic cartoon, which makes for some really funky pictures.

Whats great about Vector magic is that it can get rid of an pixilization that occures with any image when zooming in. Its all done online which makes things very simple. This was developed by some stanford students and it does an amazing job.


The great thing is that the Vector image can be downloaded in three version as a EPS, SVG, or PNG! I prefer to download it as a PNG so I can use it on the web or for personal use.


When vectorizing the image it gives you a percentage and the if the file is too big it automatically shrinks it so that the system doesn’t get overloaded. And you can choose three types of vectorization: low, medium, and high detail. I perfer the low detail because it looks more cartoon like that.


A fantastic thing to play around with online and I really like it, check it out. I have always loved vector images but I don’t have the skills close enough to come up with the results that I want. I just love what it has done to my bike, I will be using this a lot.

Link: LifeHacker
Link: VectorMagic

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  1. The bike looks awesome … the sky was so working for your advantage that day

  2. There’s a photoshop brush called Cutout.. i simply use that..

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    You can have this feature in the sony mobile with the k850i, i have tried very nice

  4. Laialy: Yup!

    Swair: This is much better and you can tweak it!

    Jacqui: hmmmm! lol!

    pearls: yup!

  5. I have tried this before and its unbelievable! Give it a a few more years, and they’ll be doing vector-movies using it!

  6. Shaymaa: They have done vector movies! Haven’t you seen it, with Keanu Reeves! Its werid, but cool!

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