Big Shaykal


I know now that I am officially the favorite uncle at this point! My nephew has loved seeing the motorcycles during Ramadan riding in front of our house. And he likes the motorcycles in the basement, and since his uncle is always riding he now says “Big Shaykal”, “Small Shaykal” which I find hilarious! He likes my bike but is afraid of the sound.

Now they got him this red motorcycle (like mine) and he rides it with a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads! He doesn’t stop but he is getting better and I hope he gets a sense of balance! I won’t say I’m not loving this, being the favorite uncle is the best possible part since he views me as a source of fun!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Z, i want the same bike for my nephew. where did you get that small Shaykal from?

  2. Eshalem el sheyakel walla..

    esmella 3alaih, hatha ur nephew and you’re doing THAT to him, what’re you going to do with your own kids? lol

  3. I see it running in the family! ;-)

  4. punky: We got it from Fantasy world for 80KD I think!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: yup!


    Mark: yup!!!

    Swair: They will be well trained NINJAS!

    Amjad: I hope not! lol!

  5. jewaira

    3asal mashallah!

  6. i think that bike will be the closest thing my dad lets me purchase to a real bike!


  7. Awww you need a picture to put in your room or on your pc or whatever, you on your bike with your nephew on his hehe that way you commemorate it until the end of time :P

  8. pearls: Fantasy world! loool!

    jewaira: lol! He doesn’t know how to stop!

    eshda3wa: looooooool!

    3baid: Seriously!

    Laialy: lol!

    Jacqui: I have one already! hehehe! With him on his bike and on my bike! hehehe!

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