GulfRun – Al Falah Car Wash


I got a call to come to Al Falah Car Wash to get my car ready for Gulf Run, it seems that I forgot that it was this night because of work and other things.


As soon as I arrived at Al Falah Car Wash I saw them applying the stickers to other vehicles. They told me to take my car in for a wash and there were about 4 vehicles before me. They took my car right in, and I asked them to clean under the hood by airing it out and wiping it down a bit. Then they started washing my car and it felt nice seeing my car getting washed. Then I was checking out the other cars with the sponsors being applied to each vehicle. There were a lot of stickers to be applied and I liked that. I thought we could chose the stickers but they were all standard on all the cars, I wanted more stickers!


It seems Al Falah Car Wash was chosen as the sponsor to clean and apply the stickers for all the cars and they were cleaning some very nice cars. There were a lot of friends there, and I just found out one of my friends bought a 1098S, I told him that is the best decision he made yet. It was a great event, and this is just the first one with about 7 to 8 cars in total the next day will be 15 cars which is going to be insane. I didn’t pay for car wash since it was paid for by the GulfRun organizers even I asked them to apply the extra shine for my rims and tires. Then they were inspecting the cars and they told me I need new tires before going to the track since I was basically running on slicks. So I need to get new tires tomorrow after work which I hope they have in stock.


I think the stickers calm out very nice on my car and the one thing that I am happy about I got the one thing I requested which is getting the number 24! It seems people have been split into groups for the track, I don’t care which group I’m with just that I get number 24. There was something in the air and everyone was in good spirits, we were all talking about modifications and what is in the market, it was great. Its just building up for the days in Bahrain, I think that going on this GulfRun event is something that every person should do!


































A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOOL
    why is there a mini cooper in this race? i have a feeling they’re ganna be eating a lot of dust :p
    Good luck :)

  2. Very very cool! That looks damn exciting!

  3. zahed


  4. nice PICs,, thanks for sharing

    i thought ur car is black

  5. Corolla Man (AE86)

    What Skynet What happen to my Engine I WANT IT NOW WITH CHEAP PRICE please do not loose it as always.

  6. Laialy: The mini-cooper can handle! loool! I think its not going on the track!

    Stallion: It is, yesterday was just an early event!

    N: Yup!

    zahed: They need huge improvements!

    vampire: No prob! Its the nice blue color, I like it that way!

    Corolla Man: loooool! Hopefully they don’t loose it!

  7. zahed

    yaa yaa yaaa what ever zook and corolla man why dont you go tell the mo3azib to get it cheap for you hahahahaha plus badizzzzz is gona buy all of shawerma today

  8. Corolla Man (AE86)

    we will see if Badizzzzzzzzzz is coming to day or not what about Mark Shawarma is bringing some, i think Zook is bringing GO NUT DONUTS, everyone will go nuts to day.

  9. Hachiroko

    HEY Zahed, dont make me cancell my account then you’ll loose 40% of ur buisness!! i think i should start my own shipping company! thats cheaper and more relaible. You really should call your company “SKYBET” cause its like gambling when expecting a shippment to arrive or getting lost. :) Badizzz out

  10. Zahed

    badizz why dont you go fix your majalaaa first zause its crap in 3 years you only printed 4 copys or less i think i should open a majall and name it badizzz is a loser and put pic’s of your old and already sold cars hahahahahahahah

  11. zahed

    so badizzzz no comment haaaaa

  12. zahed

    corrola man i think i won

  13. Hachiroko

    Looooooooool! zahed tell me something, the durango that you drive is it really your car? or is it the company’s car? cause at least all the cars that i driven we were bought and registered under my name ;). O one last thing when SKYBET goes bust, dont worry i’ll have a job for you as a bus boy for my “majala” :)

  14. zahed

    LOool nice one bas its my car and i wouldnt mind working for you but in one condition if corolla man works as my ass wiper after you offcourse his moo3azib hehehe plus corolla man has to stop going to daiya for one whole hour hehehehe

  15. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Badizzz: well the problem is that no car in the world wii satisfy you that’s why you made the Magazin to test the cars for free, buy it for a cheap and then put it in the magazine for higher price “this is the only black evo in kuwait, this is the only white range with black interior so on may example that I will run out of space.

    Zahed: The good thing is that you have big car DURANGO this compinsate for somthing small you have and we will use your big car to lay you down and stick the gear shifter in your …….. and post it in da3iya shabat with your phone number so they can call you, you know it is winter no for mukhyamat samt fee. Corolla man in OUT

  16. zahed

    LOOOOOl nicley said but i need you to put more heat on badizzz cause he is a badizzzzzz in everything

  17. When we are in Bahrain we have to go try the shawerma at Studio al fatayer!

  18. Walla mashallah nice bunch of motors

  19. Amu

    which car is yours?? hope you have fun..

  20. Hachiroko, Zahed, Corolla Man: All of you go to your corners!!! I want to give each one of you gloves!

    Ansam: loool!

    punky: I want to see that!

    Mark: I’m honestly down for that!

    3baid: yup!

    Salah: That is the mini-event!

    Amu: The BLue one! lol! Me too!

  21. People keep asking which one is your car.. bas you already said #24!! Anyways, have fun ew be safe!!! that goes for all of you participating! :)

  22. Zia: Thank you!! loool, it is funny people keep asking, I just keep saying blue and 24!

  23. Damn . . . . those rides rock !. . . . I live in India, which is an outstanding example for bad roads and bumper traffic. These things would not fit the roads out here . . . . . Where are my bloody leaves when I need them . . . Might as well pack a camper and get my butt over to Bahrain, just to watch this stuff . . . Okay, I am out to take my frustration off on the new PowerEdge we just installed. Best of luck Marzouq . . . .

  24. Mark


    Sorry for posting to an older thread, but I’m interested in your comments/pictures about Al Falah Car Wash — is this in Bahrain or Kuwait? I just moved to Bahrain with my Silverado and am looking for a quality car wash… I found a web site for Al Falah, but it is worthless–no contact info.

  25. very nice work… rally al falah car wash the best in kuwait

  26. Mark: this car wash is based in Kuwait!

    sakr: yup! Best in Kuwait!

  27. Mark

    Thanks guys. I did find a decent wash in Bahrain, but not as nice as Al Falah (based on your pictures). I enjoyed your pics as well Marzouq – speaking of which, did you see the pics of your M6 in the special F1 edition of Arabia Motors?

  28. Mark: I didn’t see those pictures! Good to know you found a good car wash!

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