Train Horn


I love everything about my Landcruiser except for the horn, it moves like a beast but squeals like a pig! The sound is embarrassing, I think it is the same horn used in the Toyota Camry, I have heard many of them and they sound like mine. I have at last found the perfect modification for the my horn problem, but overkill is an understatement.

This is the Train Horn from, its a genuine high grade three stage train horn, simply its very loud. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the videos this is probably one of the most entertaining modifications that can be done to car. It would scare the hell out of people just as you are driving, if it was available in Kuwait it would be abused ridiculously, but if only one car it would be hard to find. The prices range from $300 up to $2300, how great would that be to have one.

Link: Video
Link: HornBlasters

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Thinking of putting one on my 1986 Corolla what, stealth mode.

  2. I rarely honk anyway! LOL and I dont like honking!! DONT DO IT!

  3. maybe you should get one of those horns that have a song … :p

  4. So are you getting one? lol!!

  5. I rarely honk too. Unless it is absoulety positively definetly 100% a must ;)
    You shouldn’t be giving out such ideas. Allah ye3enah if some of the drivers decided to install it!

  6. Corolla Man: Yabeela!

    Ansam: I honk because of idiots about to hit me! Thats it!

    Laialy: Hell No! I just want to blow windows!

    N: I’m thinking about it!

    maryam: I rarely honk but when I do, I can’t be heard! So this will make me heard!

    Stallion: Nice!! But not these! lool!

  7. People’s reactions are pretty funny. But I’m just worried you’re going to kill some old dude!

  8. It makes people scared with the sound of air horns.

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