GulfRun – The Motorcade


My hat goes off to the GulfRun organizers for making this happen, I was really surprised how many cars there really were, you can’t tell how many there are when its at night. I came directly from work to the parking lot on the Gulf Road but it turns out I am one of the few that came directly from work, everyone went home and changed, then came. Many cars met up on the way there and you could hear them coming. I met up with one of the support vehicles and a Monster of a Porsche, and we were searching for the parking lot.


We were the first bunch of cars to arrive and then more and more cars started showing up. They all looked great during day time and the parking lot was blocked off by some of the support vehicles. When you come in, you register the details and sign the track disclaimer agreement, then you get your tags and vehicle tags. I thought there will be a few onlookers but it turned out to be a lot more then that. The parking lot was packed full of people, and some people came to me and told me they found this place from my blog and they remembered the number 24.


You could tell a lot of the cars kept passing the parking lot because you could hear them screaming by, and a few times the guys were told off by the police officers that were at the event. The organizers managed to organize with the police to be there and escort the vehicles to the location, at first there were about two police cars, and when we were about to move out it was six police cars, but that turned out not to be enough.


There was a lot of press at the event this time, Al Watan TV and Al Rai TV showed up with their crew and announcers, it also seems that the TV crew from Al Watan will be traveling with us to Bahrain. Then there were the news papers, Lialina (who annoy me), and other reporters. I was busy taking pictures of the event for the organizers and myself, and then some more stickers were being applied to all the vehicles. By 4:30pm all the vehicles had arrived and it turned out to be a larger group then I thought, a number is different when you see them in front of you. I think I took about 150 pictures by myself, not including the other cameras I was taking pictures with. We were all talking to each other about how it was going to go since we weren’t sure of the route, but we found that out when we were leaving.


Then when we were leaving the police spoke to us to stay together and in an organized manner. I have to say that I thought that would be difficult because I know how a lot of the drivers are, especially myself, but it turned out great and we were extremely organized together which is great. The only issue was that six police cars and four support (96 Landcruiser, 08 Chevrolet Silverado, G55 Mercedes Wagon, and VW Toureg) cars weren’t enough to keep people off our backs and block the roads. There were a lot of people who couldn’t deal with this long line of cars following each other on the route. We took the Gulf Road to the Sheraton road, then the Sheraton Round About to the First Ring Road, then the Gulf Road to the Second Ring Road, then made a left at the end to head towards Doha. The guys were trying to be as safe a humanely possible because their were some curious people and a lot of idiots on the roads. The drive itself wasn’t bad and the weather was fantastic but everyone was concentrating on the road and trying to keep the pack tight but leaving some room just in case if we needed to maneuver, and I was part of the end of the pack so we were moving around a lot to make sure we can get out of the way.


When we were getting close to the end of the route the roads were clearer and we were enjoying ourselves towards the end. Then we had to load all the vehicles on the Agility Transport, and these guys were professionals, their transports are top of the line for these types of vehicles, I was impressed. The whole event was well done and their were a lot of people the contributed to the success of this day, but this is just the beginning then there is the day of the event and everything else to follow.

(A lot of pictures below)






































































A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Cool Pic, The most enjoyable car will be the MINI and the s2000.
    I the monster drift will be ready if shop and ship do not loose my engine for the next event.

  2. Hachiroko

    Corolla Man u’ll get a phone call “Excuse sir, we seem to missplaced your engine, thank you for using SKYBET shop again”

  3. Punky

    Corolla man did you bring your Tard Card with you to the event?

  4. zahed

    Badizz at least i wasnt the one who stopped in the middel of now where tp make pi pi you idiot hahahaha and by the way we are the best SKYNET for & alsawan co. for ever plus i want a thank for blocking all the roads ams in the truck from the sea side till Doha

  5. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I think that Zahed need a TARD CARD, a specailly a pink one

  6. hey ..first time for me in ur blog..I liked the header design…

    so Thats seem exciting…..

    When I drive heart always wonder if I am the only one to feel that…

    i didnt expect to see a women there :P

    and u spent half of the film on here :P

  7. Halicy

    Niiiiiiice, it looks like am the only one not attending!

  8. Katie

    Ååå, so many hot cars! :o)

    *lol* Was your focus on the cars or the two women??

  9. Corolla Man: loool! There were some nice cars there!

    Hachiroko: Cut it Out!

    Punky: looool!

    zahed: thank you for blocking!

    Corolla Man: looool!

    desert-roses: A lot of like to go fast in the right enviroment! The only women there were from the TV stations, Al Rai and Al Watan! It was funny seeing them, other then that there weren’t any females, except I know a lot of women want to go to the track to race.

    Halicy: loool! Next time inshalla!

    Katie: yup! The cars, the women just made me laugh! It was a funny site, a lot of the guys stayed away from the camera.

  10. baghee

    well you should be proud to be part of that event ! :) you are capturing the moment with those amazing pictures you took ! thank you for sharing !

  11. Were women allowed to join? I’m wondering, since women always complain they can’t do these type of things! Those are some hot cars.. Is the helmet K’s? I wonder if you’re going to be required to wear one during the race!

  12. Hachiroko

    I would like to say the event was very well organized, i hope Kuwait would set up a proper race track one day so we could all enjoy those fine machines, (except the AE86) lets just say “Corolla Man” yesterday’s trip had nice some corners.

  13. Katie

    I think I’m missing something here.. If a lot of females want to join, why don’t they? And if they aren’t allowed (don’t really understand why) they can just make their own? No fun playing with someone who doesn’t want you there..

  14. Halicy

    as far as i know females are allowed to join.

  15. zahed

    WHY DID YOU ONLY BLOCK ME, zooki whats the menu

  16. Corolla Man (AE86)

    WY DID YOU BLOCK ME TOO. zooki whats the menu? I will ask the house in the corner near near the round about

  17. Punky

    Females are allowed to join.

  18. Purgatory

    where is the landcruiser!!!!

  19. Hashem

    Zooki i think the best part yesterday was the ice cream hahahahahahahahahahah !!!

    Hey Corolla Man you still cant feel ur feet ????? hahahahaha !!!

    Guys who was the guy behind us in the Nissan Z ????

  20. The guy in the silver nissan Z was a person who was curious about what was going on! He had a friend with a Turbo that wanted to check out the cars and sign up that night! The guy stopped behind me in Doha and asked a bunch of questions!

    Purg : I was there and you see a pic of the Land ya walad!

  21. LooooooooL
    some one was into the girlsss
    and there was the miniii hehehe
    and why was there a helmet on the car?

  22. jewaira

    Great photos and coverage Marzouq!

  23. Hey marzouq, are Tamiya sponsors?

  24. Hashem

    Nutellllllla ya walad !!!!!! hahahahahahahah !!!

  25. Purgatory

    Yah but I did not see the snorkel!

  26. baghee: No prob! lo!

    N: They are allowed to join, but very few join these types of events in Kuwait. Yup its Ks! Yup we are required to wear one during the track!

    Hachiroko: A track would be good! Hachirokok and Corolla Man, sounds like a bad duo!

    vampire: Inshalla!

    Katie: Its a matter of personal choice for them, nothing really to do with the event. If women want to join then they can. They can join this event or any other GulfRun event.

    Halicy: yup

    zahed: shut up

    Corolla Man: shut up… loool!

    Punky: yup!

    Purg: look closer!

    Hashem: You need to learn how to type! The guy just wanted to check out the event!

    Stallion: Interesting, they need to get online more!

    Laialy: Not really into them, just found them to be funny looking! Different then what I expected for anouncers! Yeah the mini is going to be fun as well! We all have to wear helmets for the track!

    jewaira: Thanks! :)

    MpJs: Nope! lol!

    Hashem: Shut up!

    Purg: You could see the bumper!

  27. Check out the porshe, the old one. Wel..the 6th picture. There is a tamiya sticker!

  28. Said it before . . . saying it again . . . . Damn . . those cars . . . . . *dribble*

  29. Mashalla Mashalla…. Seeing these pics makes me really want to go back to Kuwait.. oh well at least we ll see some of these beauties at the BIC here:D

  30. MpJs: I know! lol! The driver likes Tamiya!

    Azariath: loool!

    Bu 3esa: It was really nice at BIC!

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