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Pure Exhaustion


What a hectic day, I think that this week and the one before was packed full of things that I managed to do. I know that I am in need of sleep but today I have reached my maximum capacity.

The GulfRun event was extremely fun, but driving 4 hours and I was the only transport available for a lot of friends at the end of the night. It was hilarious, everyone was pretty much beat and we all had things we needed to do. When we finished with Doha our first stop was Aadailiya, then Nuzha, then Bnaid Al Gar, then Da’eya, and then I had to meet with family before going home. In total for today I managed to drive about 4 hours and it took a toll on me, the best part was I managed to get something to eat at the end of the day then showered and went to sleep.

There are few things planned for the next couple of days, like the Road Trip to Bahrain, how many people are going to crash in my room. This feels like a college trip and we are all just making things up as we go along, its just going to be a lot of fun.