Extreme Range Wifi Router


Everyone has this issue with the Wifi Routers that they buy, I’m one of them. If my wireless router covers a full floor and a bit below and above it then I think its great, but this product is something else. They went to the maximum capabilities allowed by the FCC which is nearly 30 dBm. This means that it will be able to broadcast to 400 meters away, so you can sit outside your house while surfing peacefully. It also has capabilities to satisfy small business such as VPN pass through and high level encryption.


  • Access point, router, point-to-point bridge, point-to-multipoint bridge, and wireless repeater
  • Nearly 30 dBm, the limit allowed by US FCC regulation
  • Extreme receiving sensitivity of -96dBm, so even weak clients can be heard
  • 4x the range of normal 802.11b/g – almost a quarter mile!
  • VPN-Passthrough, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2, WEP, and 802.1x authentication
  • WDS: Bridge and Repeater

Price: $285

Link: ThinkGeek

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  1. This is one kick ass product! You probably need one for the whole fereej. Also very nice features. The guys at ThinkGeek are really something!

  2. Lama

    I have the D-link thingy – and about 4 repeaters just to cover the whole house. living room – bed room – basement and diwaniyah (for my borthers ofcourse :P)

    and every now and then one of the repeaters die on me for GOD knows what ever the reason.

    I wish I could try this – is it released to the market ?

  3. we used to sit on the balcony and use our neighbours wireless….but it has to be the balcony yabeeela we get one of those and give it to out kind neighbour as a gift :P

  4. I’ll pass this . . . I have more than twenty Wi-Fi networks in my apartment and this will just add to the clutter and cause interference….. Awesome device for an individual home though . . . . . *WoOt*

  5. Damon Dash

    aren’t you worried about getting cancer for this thing

  6. N: I know! I want to try it out because its so damn strong!

    Lama: It isn’t available in Kuwait, you would have to order it online! And why don’t you just wire your house and put access points instead of repeaters! Repeaters are pretty bad!

    Rashisha: looool!

    Laziale: Not this one, but it makes up for in strength!

    Azariath: looool! So everybody has wireless networks, now thats just great!

    Damon Dash: That is a fable, it doesn’t happen!

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