GulfRun – Support Crew


There are some support vehicles for GulfRun, and this Landcruiser is one of them, to be exact one of the two Landcruisers.


I’m carrying some spare parts for people’s vehicles as well as other items for the event. We are going to be three guys driving to Bahrain which hopefully won’t take more then 4.5 hours if we are taking our time. I think we are one of the last groups to leave, there are some people driving and some flying.


Its going to be a fun road trip since we are going to watch a few old action movies, I want to watch Bad Boys, and Bad Boys II which is just filled with non-stop action and Will Smith wit. Then on the way back we watch MIB and MIB II for the conclusion of the trip, and I chose the movies without listening to other people’s opinion. The Driver is King.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    its a good time to test ur new system but the only problem is … yeah the driver is king but his eyes should be on the road :)

  2. The in car entertainment sucks! At least take justice league or initial D!

  3. of course using your new slammin’ sound system i still think we need a demo :p

  4. Would you watch and drive? I sort of tried that, It doesn’t work!

  5. Its dangerous to watch a movie while driving!

    And even if u were just listening, u might get caught up in the action with ur car!

  6. Its dangerous to drive and watch a movie!

    And even if u were listening, u might get too caught up in the action with ur car..

  7. Aren’t most new video systems supposed to have driver side view block? Mine does, I hate it because it does not let me see the screen clearly when I am at the wheel, the passengers can see clearely though…. I am very carefull when driving, but then there is that one scene in a movie that you actually feel like watching and I have to crane my neck in odd ways to catch a glimpse of it ! Okay . . . this is a gripe . . . I never should have bought it if I new it would come to this.

  8. Halicy

    what about that white patrol Safari (the old model) with Gulf Run Stickers? i see him everyday when i leave my office.

  9. lfc-q8: One eye on road, one eye on screen! looool! Now that would be a headache!

    Mark: you suck!!!! loool!

    Laialy: looool! You can take the car for a test drive!

    N: I do it lightly! I have the capabilities!

    This Lady: I have the ability to balance my brain! loooool!

    Azariath: loool! That is one annoying screen, I would really get annoyed with it!

    Halicy: He didn’t come!

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