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GulfRun Road Trips


We started off by filling up the cars with all our bags, then we loaded up the essential items such as the water cooler, spare parts and a few other items for GulfRun and other people. We went to fill up gas before heading to the first border check, and we only start the movies on the Saudi/Bahrain road.


We had to change the movies since I didn’t find all the ones I wanted, but I did find some nice old school movies.

  • Bad Boys
  • Bad Boys II
  • MIB
  • Old School
  • The Last Boy Scout

When we went through the Saudi Customs it was ok but the guy was a jerk and he didn’t feel like doing anything. He was giving us a hard time but we were all smiles, but I wanted to punch him right on the nose. I was happy we went through and everyone else was pretty good.


Then we started Bad Boys after getting some candy and drinks from the gas station after the border check point, I also filled up the gas. We were enjoying the beginning of this road trip and there was a lot to go. 80% of the road to Bahrain was ok, but the bumpy parts were real bumpy.


I have to say that Bad Boys is one of the best action of this quarter century, it really is a classic that every person has to see. Great action, wit, comedy, and explosion, what more could you ask from a good action movie. It was during Martin Lawerance’s peak and the introduction of the Fresh Prince who made a great combination. We also watched the music videos when the movie was done and we were all singing to it and dancing in the car, good times.


When we got to the Bahrain/Saudi border things we going smoothly and there was a good amount of traffic. When we got to the Bahrain Customs they told us to move forward, so we did, a little too forward. They were shouting at us telling us to get back, and we were laughing and backed up. We were lucky it was the Bahrain Customs, we told them we thought we had to keep going forward and they thought we were trying to drive off. They checked our cars a little extra but nothing too extreme, they were really funny about it and cracking jokes, they also said how many GulfRun things are there! As soon as we crossed the bridge we were on our way, heading straight to the track to pick up our cars.


On the way back it was a different story we were trying to make sure we made good time, and we decided to come back on Friday so that we could rest and get some things done on Saturday. The crazy part was making sure we got everything we needed done on Friday and loading up the cars. I have to say the Landcruiser is a champ, a great sound system, easy car to drive, could take anything you throw at it, and we comfortable too. We headed out after loading up all the cars and headed to the border, as soon as we got through we put the movie but this time it was a real old school one.


We started watching The Last Boy Scout with Damon Waynes and Bruce Willis, this the main reason why I love Bruce Willis. He plays the perfect bad ass good guy who kicks ass when ever he needs to. It was a great action movie from the early 90s and we were enjoying a lot of the wit and explosions in the movie. The perfect road trip movie, very little comprehension needed, with lots of entertainment. You don’t notice all the little things in the movie until you grow up, but it does feel good to see this movie.


Even though I was driving I could hear the movie and see a lot of the scenes on the long straight aways. A movie is perfect for the long trips, keeps things interesting and you can talk while its playing. We made it to Kuwait in fantastic time, usually it takes more then three and a half hours from border to border but we made it in two hours and thirty eight minutes which is fantastic, just by setting the cruise control at 160 kph the whole way, I love a manual with cruise control.


We got home and I was happy to see the bug splattered GulfRun Support vehicle defying all old odds and still it can take more. The road trip was a lot of fun, and we will hopefully be doing it again in the near future, especially with the great friends I was traveling with.