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GulfRun – Technical Stats – Mine and More


There were a lot of things going on in the track, and a lot of people were getting some insane numbers. Also I learned a lot after driving around the track and trying to improve my skills, the whole point is to also learn the limitations of your car.

Best Car on the Track:

  • Noble M400
  • Porsche 997 Turbo

Worst Car on the Track:

  • Mercedes SL55 AMG


The fastest I reached on the straight away was 271 kph but then I couldn’t make the turn so I had to slow down and enter the safety run-off but we were laughing when it came to a stop. My friend was saying, “Turn .. Turn… Turn.. TTURRRRNNNNN”. I told him “We are going straight and will make it past the WALL!!!!” With music blasting and driving we were just laughing, and kept going after that I figured out the fast I could reach to make the first 100 degree turn is 245 kph. I was surprised from the capabilities of my vehicle, and I was very happy even though I was running some very crappy tires, next time I know what I need.


Technical Issues:

  • Break Downs:
    • Porsche Turbo – Coolant Issue
    • Audi RS4 – Clutch Cylinder Issue
    • Noble M400 – Gear Box or Clutch Issue


After the Track there a few thing that needs to be done to bring my car back to health since what I did was total abuse of Bavarian engineering, all I have to say is that Germans know how to build them.

  • Refresh (What I need to do):
    • New front and rear Tires
    • New Brake Pads
    • Resurfacing Rotors
    • Change Engine Oil
    • Change Gear Oil
    • Change Front & Rear Different Oil
    • Change Coolant
    • Wheel Alignment


What upgrades I have in mind after this whole event is meant to help with the drive and maybe add some power, but mostly to increase the stopping power of the machine. I’m only thinking of a few things right, but I might do it later or early next year.

  • Bigger Brakes
  • Lighter Wheels
  • A few modifications to the engine