GulfRun Transport


I have to say that I was impressed with the way they were handling things for this whole event, there was a lot taking place and for the return trip they had to prepare a lot especially since going through the Saudi Border is like going through hell for them. They make it as difficult as possible, but the organizers are the only ones handling the cars and not the transporters.


The trailers themselves are high end and have been prepared for very low sports cars, it was very difficult to scratch the bottom of the car while loading because of all the pieces used to angle the vehicles. I’m impressed with the capabilities of GulfRun and Agility to make the transport this way. The only thing I think they need is someone to fix the Saudi check point, there is a difference between doing their jobs and abusing their positions which is what the Saudi Customs Officers were doing.


The people who were loading the vehicles at the Bahrain International Circuit from Agility were the same people from the loading evening on Monday and they were as professional as they were the day of loading the vehicles.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Do you by any chance have pics of the other support vehicle? ;)

  2. Halicy

    Good to have you back buddy.. Hope u guys had a blast.
    Inshallah ill be with u guys next year if things go well and I get my new toy.

  3. Damon Dash

    so what position did you make? is it that bad!!!

  4. Damon Dash

    tell us what position you got and out of how many cars

  5. Punky

    Z did really well and the M6 is a beast in a straight line!

  6. Stallion: Didn’t have a chance!

    Halicy: Thanks, your more then welcome to join! It was a great thing!

    Laialy: I do something until somebody says no! lol

    Damon Dash: I didn’t get the lap times, they will post them up on the website!

    Punky: And dancing through the corners, swinging left and right! lol

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